PEMF UK Company Helps Champion Rally Driver’s Recovery

Using a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) system from the UK’s Life Mat Company has helped top Wales and UK rally driver Elfyn Evans recover from a spinal fracture and boost his performance. Elfyn’s PEMF experience came as he prepared for one of the most prestigious and difficult events in the annual racing calendar, the World Rally Championship (WRC) Monte Carlo rally in January 2020, where he placed third. This was despite it being his first rally in a new team (Toyota Gazoo Racing), his first rally driving anything other than a Ford car and in spite of a painful injury just a few months earlier.

Just one month later, on February 16th, 2020, Elfyn did even better with a stunning win at the WRC rally in Sweden. Overcoming treacherous driving conditions, Elfyn became the first British driver to win this event. Hear Elfyn’s own account of his experience with PEMF:

“I was initially told I would have to wait 12 weeks (for his spinal injury to heal) and this would mean missing four events, which would be a complete disaster in a 12-round championship. I contacted the Life Mat Company for some help and to see if it was possible to borrow an iMRS system. I used it for six weeks and already the consultant couldn’t believe the results. Eight weeks post injury I was fully healed and ready to go back. The Life Mat system really made a massive difference for me and allowed me to get back to competition much much sooner.

Over and above this, I found massive benefits to my energy levels during my home rally (the UK’s Rally GB in October 2019). I was able to use the (iMRS) mat regularly, just 10 minutes in the morning and a longer session at night. Rally GB is one of the longest, hardest events on the calendar, with extremely long days. Compared with normally, even after not being able to train with a fractured back, I felt very fresh and found this a massive benefit during the rally. “

Throughout my time with the iMRS I really found a benefit to both my energy levels and my recovery, and I could really recommend it to anybody.”

As the most experienced supplier in the PEMF UK industry, the Life Mat Company has worked for over 10 years with the iMRS / iMRS2000 and many other PEMF devices. More information is available at or call 44 (0) 208 151 8688.