Special Offers

For a short time in September 2017, we have two special offers, including our most popular product (the iMRS Complete) and our top-of-the-line product (the iMRS Professional).


Anyone ordering either system will receive a free bonus of one of our main accessories, the iSLRS Sound and Light System, for a saving of £440. The iSLRS is especially valuable for immediate deep relaxation and stress relief, deepening the effects of the PEMF technology. This combines two well-established forms of brain entrainment (pulsing lights and binaural beats layered into music) and mood enhancement (through user-selectable coloured lights). If you were wondering when was the best time to buy the world’s most popular PEMF system, the answer is right now!


We also have an offer on our Omnium systems. Anyone ordering an Omnium Basic Set or Combo will receive a bonus OmniSpot applicator, a saving of £450. For the type of people who fit the profile for an Omnium system — frequent travellers who need its extra portability — this is a great deal.


Please note: An offer like this can create a high volume of orders, and possible backlogs. If you want to receive your system without delays, it’s a good idea to place your order as soon as possible.


See the Devices pages for further details on these systems and accessories.