Special Offers

In February 2018, we have three special offers, including our most popular product, the iMRS Complete.


1. The first offer is on our iMRS Complete System costing £3190. The offer gives you a free upgrade to the Professional version, which normally costs £3720. This represents a saving of £530. This upgraded system includes the control unit, body-length mat, pad, probe and iGuide database of condition settings for a wide range of health issues.


2. The second offer is on our top-of-the range Professional Set (normally £4425) which you can currently order for the same price as the Complete Set, £3890. This upgraded set includes all of the following:


  • All the elements in the iMRS Professional System: the control unit, adapter, body-length mat, pad, probe and iGuide database of condition settings. Plus:


  • The iSLRS Sound and Light System, normally £475. The iSLRS is valuable for immediate deep relaxation and stress relief, deepening the effects of the PEMF technology. This combines two well-established forms of brain entrainment (pulsing lights and binaural beats layered into music) and mood/focus enhancement (through user-selectable coloured lights).


  • The iMORE Biofeedback System, normally £465. This continuously evaluates the user’s heart rate variability function to automatically adjust the system’s intensity levels to what the body needs. It also exercises heart rate variability so as to strengthen the central nervous system, a key factor in mental and physical responses to stress.


This gives an outright saving of £535 (between the different Set prices), and an overall saving of £770 (compared with buying the system and adding on the accessories later).


If you were wondering when was the best time to buy the world’s most popular PEMF system, it could be now!


3. Thirdly, we also have an offer on our Omnium systems. Anyone ordering an Omnium Basic Set at £2195 will receive an Omnium Complete Set (including the OmniSpot applicator) and a tote travel bag for it, a saving of £480. For the type of people who fit the profile for an Omnium system — frequent travellers who need its extra portability — this is an attractive deal.


Please note: An offer like this can create a high volume of orders, and temporary backlogs. If you want to receive your system without delays, it’s a good idea to place your order as soon as possible.


See the Devices pages for further details on these systems and accessories.