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Please note: These offers only apply during May 2022.

1) Save £694 to £994 on our iMRS Prime Expert and Hybrid Systems and Sets

We have four offers in April that cover the full range of iMRS Prime systems and sets. With savings from £694 to £994, UK prices (including VAT) range from:

  • £3858 for the Expert system (at the price of the Advanced system) to
  • £5278 for the Hybrid set (at the price of the Expert set)
  • plus other options

The contents of these levels are as follows:

  • Advanced Systems include the Control Unit, Connector Box, body-length PEMF mat, pad and spot applicators.
  • Expert Systems add on the iGuide database of health conditions, and the Split Mode for using two applicators at the same time.
  • The Hybrid system upgrades the mat from its basic PEMF version to the premium hybrid version, combining PEMF with Far Infra Red.

And the Sets offer even further value:

  • These are already discounted packages that add on the Exagon Brain (brain entrainment) and Exagon Sense (bio-feedback) devices.
  • For example, if you were to get the Expert to Hybrid System upgrade initially, then add on the Brain and the Sense later, it would cost £4552 + £574 + £649 = £5775. This compares with £5278 using the Expert to Hybrid Set offer, a further saving of £497, on top of the £716 that you save on the system upgrade offer.
  • So if it’s likely that you would add on biofeedback and brain entrainment later, doing so at the start with the Expert to Hybrid Set offer represents total savings of £1213!

More details on each iMRS Prime system and set can be found on the iMRS Prime – Systems page.

2) Save £467 on our less advanced but ultra-portable Omnium1 systems

Order an Omnium1 Basic (£2526 including VAT) or Complete (£3013), and you’ll receive a free OmniBrain sound and light system worth £467.

The Basic includes the controller tablet, DAC, mat and pad applicators, while the Complete adds on the spot applicator.


We supply these offers to customers worldwide, at prices that are guaranteed to be at least as good as those available anywhere else.

The only reason we don’t display full price lists on the Life Mat website is at the request of our manufacturer, Swiss Bionic Solutions. This is in reponse to a few distributors displaying incorrect prices at which Swiss Bionic will not fulfill orders.

Our prices depend on the country where the system is to be delivered. So for instance, British Pound prices are only available for UK deliveries.

Our main currencies are Euros for most of Europe; Swiss Francs; Canadian Dollars; Hong Kong Dollars (for most of Asia) and US Dollars (for the USA and most of the Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Australia).


Shipping is calculated separately. For example, an iMRS Prime system or set shipped to the UK will cost £85 using DPD and usually takes around 8 days following receipt of your order.

Shipping inside mainland Europe varies depending on the country, but generally from just over €30 for those inside the EU and just over $85 for those outside.


If you’re thinking about ordering one of our PEMF devices but need more information, just call us. There’s no pressure and we’ll be happy to help you select the best system for your needs.

We’ve been handling orders, shipping, training and product support for the MRS2000, iMRS / iMRS2000, Omnium1 and now iMRS Prime systems for over 11 years (longer than anyone else in the UK and among the most experienced distributors worldwide). So there’s no lack of knowledge, efficiency or experience at any stage of the process.

Once you’re ready to order, we’ll take your details and get your system shipped out to you. We accept the following cards:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

You can also pay by bank transfer but please allow an extra day or two for bank-to-bank payment processing.

Your system is normally dispatched within a day or two of your order (depending which country we’re shipping to) and an email with tracking information will follow soon after that. You should receive your system within 8 days into the UK (although delays at UK entry ports can be unpredictable), and usually less than that to other countries (depending on the type of system and shipping service).

Once your system arrives, we offer you afull consultation and training call. During this, we’ll address any set-up issues you might have, share our experience, and advise you on treatment protocols for yourself and anyone else who may want to use the system.

Even after the initial order and training process is over, we’d like you to stay in touch and let us know how your PEMF system has fitted into your life.