Special Offers

We’re delighted to have two very generous offers available in December 2018.


1) On our iMRS systems, we’re offering an upgrade from the Complete and Professional systems to their Set versions. That means that in addition to the iMRS System, you’ll also receive both of its main accessories, the iMORE heart rate variability system, and the iSLRS sound and light system. This represents a saving of £700 on the normal cost of a set, and £940 compared with adding on the accessories later.


The main differences between the two versions are that the iMRS Complete contains a control unit, mat, pad and probe, while the iMRS Professional adds on:


  • A user-selectable database of the optimal settings for 280 health issues.
  • Minute-by-minute session settings (instead of just three durations available on the System).


Regarding the accessories:


  • The iSLRS Sound and Light System provides immediate relaxation and stress relief.
  • The iMORE Heart Rate Variability System turns the iMRS into a bio-feedback loop and coaches the body into a long term improvement in stress response.
  • The iSLRS and the iMORE work synergistically to reduce the damaging effects of stress, relax the central nervous system and deepen the effects of the PEMF field.


If you were thinking of ordering the world’s most popular PEMF system, this could be good timing.



2) We also have a similar offer on our ultra-portable system, the Omnium1:


During December, anyone purchasing an Omnium1 Basic System (comprising control unit, digital-analogue converter, mat and pad), will also receive the two accessories (a saving of £934) that make up a Complete combo:


  • The OmniSpot applicator: two pads connected by a strap for fitting around body joints.
  • The OmniBrain sound and light system: for instant stress relief.



Please note: Offers like these can create a high volume of orders, and temporary backlogs. If you want to receive your system without delays, it’s a good idea to place your order as soon as possible.



See the Devices pages for further details on these systems and accessories.