Omnium1 Spot Applicator In Use

The iMRS remains our flagship product, so our main reason for offering the Omnium1 is because it’s the most portable full-body, and fully-configured PEMF system on the market. The Omnium1 is an obvious choice for people who travel a lot and want to take their system with them: business travelers, personal trainers and mobile therapists.


It manages this by using a custom-made tablet pc with a large, long-lasting battery, as its control unit, and a whole-body mat that folds down into a small space, plus local applicators for smaller areas of the body.


Like the iMRS models, the Omnium1 is manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solutions. Once again our system selection was based on manufacturer reliability, levels of warranty and support, and its range of functions and accessories.

The Omnium1 lacks the powerful probe (up to 300 micro Tesla) found on the higher-end iMRS systems, and the iGuide database of health conditions. However, it does offer a fairly powerful Spot applicator, up to 120 micro Tesla, which wraps around limbs and joints to emit its field simultaneously from two sides.


The Omnium1 system comes in several versions:


The Basic – A stripped-down entry-level system including the mat and pad applicator.


The Basic Combo – A mid-range system, including the mat, pad and Sound and Light system.


The Complete – A mid-range system, including the mat, pad and spot applicators.


The Complete Combo – A full-range system, including the mat, pad, spot and Sound and Light system.


The Lounger – Adds a second mat inside a wickerwork lounger.

Omnium1 PEMF App Screens


We ship worldwide, at prices identical to local distributors. If you need prices for other countries or regions, please call us.


Please note that we sometimes have special offers which give by far the best prices on selected systems. These will usually be shown on the Special offers page but if you give us a call, we’ll tell you what’s available.

Shipping (Europe)

Shipping for the Omnium1 systems costs considerably more in the UK and EU than it does for the standard iMRS Life Mats. This is due to EU regulations on shipping by air of devices with built-in lithium ion batteries. The UK rates are £130 (southern UK) and £170 (northern UK). To EU countries, we charge 160 euros, and to non-EU European countries, 250 euros. However, shipping is free within Germany and remains at only 25 euros to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Being much larger, Omnium1 loungers are outside our normal shipping arrangements, so please request a quote prior to ordering.

Shipping (Outside Europe)

We ship worldwide and provide global support. If you are located outside Europe, please ask us for the shipping rates for your country. We will ship from the closest point to you and shipping will not cost any more than if you were buying from a local distributor.


The Omnium1 has a global guarantee covering full exchange of the control unit and applicators, and free shipping back to the customer. This covers the tablet control unit for one year (the same as Apple supplies on its iPads) and three years on the rest of the system, with the exception of the OmniBrain which is covered for six months.

Omnium1 System Components

Omnium1 Tablet Control Unit

Omnium1 Control Unit. The Omnium1 uses a custom-made Android tablet pc (about the same size as an iPad Mini, although thicker and heavier) as its control unit, with an integrated lithium battery. One battery charge can power the mat and other applicators for up to five hours at the highest intensity.


As you’d expect with a tablet pc, with the Omnium1 you use finger gestures on the tablet screen to choose the applicator, to adjust PEMF intensity and duration, and to choose from five pre-set programs.

Digital Analogue Converter (DAC). The DAC is the interface between the digital output of the tablet pc to the analogue input of each of the applicators.

Omnium1 Digital Analogue Converter
Omnium1 PEMF Mat Applicator

Body-length mat. The main applicator in the Omnium 1 system is a mat measuring 170 cm x 58 cm x 2 cm. This is thinner and less cushioned than the mat on the iMRS Life Mat, and folds down small enough to be carried in a medium-sized backpack, or in a bag similar to a sports duffel bag.


Like the iMRS mat, it contains six solid copper coils configured so that the weakest field is at the head end and strongest at the feet. When you lie on the mat, it bathes the body in a pulsed magnetic field with a maximum field strength of 45 micro Tesla, using a complex triple “sawtooth” signal, and various natural earth-based frequencies, especially the Schumann Resonance.


The Omnium1 mat offers a wide range of wellness benefits, especially speeding up metabolism, improving circulation and oxygenation, and boosting energy levels and quality of sleep.


When using the body-length mat, the Omnium1’s control program automatically incorporates frequencies for the different brainwave patterns associated with the circadian rhythms of the body, depending on the time of day it is used. These also correspond to the time-of-day organ theory used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Pad Applicator. The cushioned OmniPad contains two of the same copper coils used in the whole body mat. However, as with the OmniSpot (see below) it uses a different, square-wave, signal, the same type of waveform selected by NASA as being especially effective for localised applications. The Pad has a maximum PEMF field of 70 microTesla. Measuring 57 cm x 29 cm x 3 cm, it hinges in the middle, and has an extensible attachment belt.


It can be applied to major areas of the body, such as the head, chest, abdomen, arms and legs, usually at much higher intensities than you would use on the Omnium1’s mat. It is particularly useful for treating stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back, and for supporting the abdominal organs.

Omnium1 Pad Applicator
Omnium1 Spot Applicator

Spot Applicator. Available as part of the Omnium1 Complete system is the “OmniSpot” applicator. Measuring 39 cm x 16 cm x 2.5 cm, the Spot consists of two round pads, each containing a solid copper coil.


These are connected by a strap which allows the device to be strapped around major bones and muscles, and major joints such as ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders. When the coils are placed opposite each other, they generate a Helmholtz Effect (a homogenous magnetic field), which doubles the effects of the PEMF field in that area. Like the Pad, the Spot uses the square wave signal found to be excellent for local applications. The OmniSpot is the most powerful applicator available for the Omnium1, with a field intensity of up to 120 microTesla.

The OmniBrain


The Omnium1’s Sound and Light system helps to melt away stress, and improve emotional balance, mental focus, clarity and productivity — it works like a spa for the brain.


While the mat is bathing your whole body in a rejuvenating field, the OmniBrain helps to increase its effects by producing deeper relaxation and helping you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.


Sound and Light systems have been used for decades to produce stress-free, meditative states in which accelerated learning, problem solving and creativity are all significantly increased.

Omnium1 Sound And Light System

The OmniBrain uses three forms of brainwave “entrainment” and stimulation:


  • Flickering lights help the brain move into the Alpha and Theta waves at which the deepest levels of learning, intuition, visualisation and ideation are generally found.


  • Binaural beat tones again help the brain move into Alpha and Theta. The brain registers a different tone in each ear and focuses (or entrains) to the mid point between the two frequencies.


  • Colour therapy: by pressing a button, you can instantly change the main colour coming from the LED lights, with effects on mood and cognitive performance.


Do you need to learn a topic or a language quickly? Do you use meditation or coaching CD’s? Do you do regular work-related problem-solving? Do you need a new idea or design to take your work to the next level? This is your solution. Imagine using it, not just once in a while but every day, while treating your whole body in a PEMF field.


The Omnium1’s newly designed Sound and Light system plugs into the control unit, and comprises suede-leather eye-pads, small in-ear headphones, and a built-in music player.

There are also music programmes emphasising beneficial frequencies in the 2-18 Hz range. In contrast to the iSLRS system that can be used with the iMRS Life Mat, the OmniBrain has one major advantage: you can load your own music or audiobooks (while still using the binaural tones in parallel with it).


Certain types of music and composers, such as Mozart and Bach, are known to stimulate learning and creativity, a process which is greatly boosted by the addition of flickering light and binaural tones. We have experience in this area and can advise you on which types of music will encourage specific effects.


The OmniBrain eyepads use RGB LED lights, which can be adjusted to choose any colour of the light spectrum. Specific colours trigger specific moods, especially when delivered in this way. Background colours are used in many corporate and institutional settings, and the three primary colours are generally considered to have these effects:


  • Red gives energy, determination and courage. However, people showing a lot of stress, aggression or nervousness do not tolerate red well.


  • Green is refreshing and optimistic, somewhat energising and tolerated by most people without negative side effects.


  • Blue is calming and harmonious, promoting balance and empathy, and is tolerated by almost everyone.
Omnium Lounger PEMF Device

The Lounger


The luxury version of the Omnium1 Life Mat adds a Lounger chair that incorporates a full-body mat into its seating, underneath the top layer of padding.


This is an all-in-one solution for clinics, spas, hotels and wellness lounges and a practical, relaxing piece of furniture for home use.


Due to its shape, the user reclines in an extremely comfortable and relaxed body position. The control unit is safely attached to a flexible extension arm, so that the user is able to operate the system while lying on the lounger. A small bag on the back of the Lounger stores the Sound and Light system.


If you have the space, an Omnium1 Lounger makes your PEMF sessions even more convenient — anyone in the family can treat themselves while watching TV, listening to music, having a conversation or sunbathing outside. A further option is to add on a stand-alone mat in another room with more privacy, and share the control and DAC units between them.

Omnium1 Systems Comparison Chart