PEMF for Children

How can children benefit from PEMF?

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Some families have reported steeply increased test scores after their children have started to use a Life Mat daily, especially when doing their homework while lying on it. This may be due to two factors:

1. energizing brain and nerve cells, and boosting key neuro-transmitters, and/or simply
2. stimulating the Alpha brain wave state that facilitates learning. The Sound and Light and Heart Rate Variability accessories further strengthen this effect, and are used in various forms of Accelerated Learning.

PEMF for Children lifemat


A recent BBC Panorama program found that sleep loss among UK children is the worst in Europe. Key factors are stress and using phones and tablet pc’s in the hour before bedtime. Effects include irritability and poor learning — an extra hour of sleep improved key learning parameters by 45-60%. And it’s a major factor in weight gain — over a third of British teenagers are obese. At Life Mat we’ve found that bringing PEMF into their bedtime routine can really help a child’s length and quality of sleep, even in cases of daily nightmares and panic attacks.

PEMF for Children lifemat


Increasing numbers of children show mild to severe hyperactivity, and have problems concentrating. This often leads to under-achievement, and problems with self control and social interaction. PEMF has a calming effect on the central nervous system, greatly enhanced with the S+L, and HRV, accessories. Life Mat sessions also offer a structured schedule which may help the scattered consciousness of children with learning and behavioural difficulties. As noted above, all of this is greatly enhanced if PEMF is incorporated into their bedtime routine.

PEMF for Children lifemat


PEMF is especially well known for fracture repairs, stimulating the osteoblast cells responsible for bone formation. Children’s bones, muscles, organs and other tissues grow unaided, but their bodies are even more vulnerable to the emf pollution and environmental stresses that now affect all of us. PEMF will energise every cell in their bodies, and should optimise several aspects of their physical and mental development, especially when limiting factors are strongly present.

PEMF for Children lifemat


Many teenagers, and even younger children, show the effects of constant pressure from social media and schoolwork. Some are as much in need of stress relief as their exhausted commuter parents. Depression among young people is already high and growing faster than in any other age group. The relaxation and feel-good effects of daily PEMF treatments are a great way of helping to offset the impact of an increasingly stressful world.