PEMF for Sports

How PEMF can help improve exercise and sports

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PEMF is used by thousands of athletes to boost performance and endurance. It boosts cellular output of the energy molecule ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate). This cuts the time an athlete has to rely on energy from phosphocreatine stored in muscles, which produces performance-degrading lactic acid. PEMF also promotes higher levels of human growth hormone, and endorphins, our natural pain-killers. Regular energizing of stressed tissues is also thought to help prevent injuries.

PEMF for Sports lifemat


Whether you exercise or compete as an amateur or professional, mindset is key to successful training and results. Having enough energy is key to sustaining motivation and a regular routine, and elite athletes know that mindset is usually the differentiating factor between those who win and lose. PEMF offers a broad spectrum of benefits, with more energy and stamina, and a significant relaxation effect which makes brain training and learning much easier.

PEMF for Sports lifemat


PEMF is widely used for faster repair of fractures, and provides an excellent supportive therapy for a wide range of other injuries such as torn ligaments, muscles and tendons, strains, sprains, bruises, and repetitive strain injuries. Having a Life Mat at a sports club or spa provides an excellent adjunct and booster to physiotherapy and sports massage, greatly improving exercise recovery and injury rehabilitation times

PEMF for Sports lifemat


Many of Europe’s top sports teams use PEMF therapy, including soccer teams A.C. Milan, and Bayern Munich, the Austrian, German and Swedish national skiing teams, and the German, Russian and Swiss national hockey teams. Individual sports users reportedly include basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, the man who has dominated world surfing for 20 years, Kelly Slater, and the holder of many world tennis records, Roger Federer.