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The world’s most advanced PEMF machine

Can PEMF Revitalise Our Bodies?

That’s the conclusion from thousands of clinical studies spanning over 50 years with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) machines.

Today, the Life Mat Company has customers worldwide using their own PEMF mat systems. Typical results include less pain and other symptoms, better sleep and energy levels, stronger bones and circulation, and improved health and well being.

For 15 years, Life Mat owner and registered therapist Paul Lowe has specialised in top-quality, Swiss-made MRS2000 / iMRS systems and now the iMRS Prime, with its advanced hybrid features. These low-intensity PEMF mats are by far the best type of PEMF machine for regular use. They start at £3250 (€3385, US$4827) and right now there are very large savings if you use one of our special offers.

The iMRS Prime. It’s special.


Aluminium casing. Toughened glass screen.

Hybrid PEMF

PEMF. Far Infra Red.

Hybrid PEMF +

Bio Feedback. Brain Entrainment.

Future proofed

Ten ports. Upgradeable firmware. Strong + durable.

After replacing the 10-years-old iMRS system, the iMRS Prime is at a level beyond any other PEMF machine we know of. Combining a PEMF mat with Far Infra Red, BioFeedback and Brain Entrainment results in an advanced hybrid system, well beyond basic PEMF.

The iMRS Prime can analyse key health stats, adjust to your needs, induce instant relaxation and treat two areas at the same time. It can create any type of PEMF signal, and has the processing power to handle upgrades as PEMF evolves. Plus an easy graphical display to suit all users.

These are not just gimmicks. In an age of sky-high stress and anxiety, poor sleep, depressed immune systems, sluggish circulation and accelerated ageing, the iMRS Prime relaxes your central nervous system to deepen the effects of PEMF and then dramatically boosts it with Far Infra Red.

It does all of this very safely, with the same gentle parameters found in our bodies and Nature. It also has one of the highest certifications of any PEMF machine: 99% of other machines have just the bare minimum of an FDA registration and CE mark, giving very little confidence in their quality or safety.

PEMF Therapy – so many benefits.

PEMF Mat UK | iMRS Machine Reviews Training and Therapy lifemat
iMRS Prime Mat

More energy. Better health. Deeper sleep.

Turn it on and lie on the mat. Ten minutes later, your body’s trillions of cells are re-charged.

Low energy levels affect motivation, productivity, health and our experience of life. Key factors are poor sleep, sluggish circulation and low oxygen levels. A PEMF mat can help with each of these.

Most of our clients report better sleep, feeling younger, stronger, more energized and productive.

Tissue repair. Pain relief.

Use spot applicators with a signal type used by NASA scientists for tissue repairs.

Most pain comes from inflammation, injuries and fractures, systemic health problems, or a shortage of pain-relieving endorphins. Using combined whole-body and localised PEMF can help with all of this.

Most of our clients report less pain, faster recovery and more flexibility.

PEMF Mat UK | iMRS Machine Reviews Training and Therapy lifemat
iMRS Prime Spots
PEMF Mat UK | iMRS Machine Reviews Training and Therapy lifemat
iMRS Prime Brain

Stress relief. Quality of life.

Combine PEMF with brain entrainment + bio-feedback to stay calm, focused + positive.

Our enjoyment of life is affected by stress, anxiety, moods and overall health. An advanced PEMF mat can help by calming the Autonomic Nervous System and boosting various neuro-transmitters.

Most of our clients report a new sense of well being, sometimes life-changing.

For a selection of clinical studies, go to our PEMF research page or visit the PubMed database from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Why Life Mat?

PEMF machines are unlike most other products. Who you choose as your supplier can hugely affect your results.

With us you’ll receive:

  • Professional consultation: from a qualified, registered practitioner.
  • Specialist advice: for 11+ years we’ve focused almost totally on PEMF.
  • Specialist support: we focus almost totally on one system (the iMRS Prime).
  • Specialist protocols: from 20 years as an Energy Medicine therapist.
  • Product comparisons: from using over 20 other PEMF machines.

There’s more about us on the Why Us? page.


Sleeping Like A Baby

I’ve been running on empty for quite a while — overworked, sleeping restlessly and waking exhausted. Enter PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. Simple. Measured. Quick. Dial it up for a big meeting, dial it down for bedtime (while lying on a ‘life mat’) and charge yourself up. If you’ve ever experienced fatigue, sleep loss, stress, anxiety, pain or dealt with a recurring injury, then PEMF therapy might just be worth a shot. Since my treatments, I’ve been sleeping like a baby (and I haven’t slept like a baby since I had one). My energy is better and my mood has improved. 
BBC broadcaster and documentary maker, London (in Marie Claire magazine’s PEMF review)

Boosted Energy Levels

I’ve been using my iMRS PEMF system for the past 6 months in my (now extended) journey towards the Olympics. I’ve experienced a whole host of benefits, including boosted energy levels, less fatigue in the run up to competitions, a clearer perspective after using it in the morning and a better night’s rest after using it in the evening. I also picked up a lower back injury late last year and found it effective in reducing pain and warming the area with capillarisation. And thanks to Paul Lowe from the Life Mat Company who guided me in how to use PEMF most effectively.
Joe Truman
Track Cyclist, UK Keirin Champion, Commonwealth Medalist, Manchester. Featured in 2020 BBC documentary

Fully Healed

I contacted the Life Mat Company to see if it was possible to borrow an iMRS system (to help with two fractured vertebrae) and it did wonders for me. I used it for six weeks and the consultant couldn’t believe the results. I was fully healed and ready to go. Then Rally GB, one of the longest, hardest events, with extremely long days. Even after not being able to train with a fractured back, I felt very fresh, a massive benefit. With the iMRS, I found a benefit to both my energy levels and my recovery and I would really recommend it to anybody. 
Elfyn Evans
World Champion Rally Driver, Gwynned, UK (in PEMF review video)

Helped Heal My Broken Bones

About four months ago, I had a horrific crash, broke my right ankle, my left tibia and fibula. I was fortunate enough to come across electro magnetic field therapy and the Life Mat Company shipped me an iMRS machine. It helped me no end. Not only has it kept me fit and helped to heal my broken bones (along with a lot of sardines!) it’s given me energy, helped me sleep better and it’s preparing me for next season. I use it on a daily basis and even if I wasn’t in recovery, I’m going to continue to use it. I feel it gives me numerous health benefits.
Katherine Legge
Top UK and US circuit racing driver, Atlanta, USA (in PEMF review video)