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Could A Technology Make Your Cells More Efficient?

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, does exactly that, and it’s used in every Life Mat system.


Life Mat technology has been used for decades by athletes, racehorse owners and some doctors. But its rapid growth in recent years has been in the home — it’s estimated that several million households worldwide now use it every day to improve their quality of life.

PEMF devices were first used around 80 years ago. Today, they are backed by over 20,000 research papers and over 1,000 controlled clinical studies. Several recent studies are from NASA scientists.


In reading this website, you’ll find an extremely wide range of potential effects. Here are three broad areas where it can have a major, often life-changing, impact:


  PEMF boosts levels of oxygen and the body’s energy molecule, ATP. Most people report more energy, stamina and productivity.

PEMF For Energy


PEMF limits aspects of pain and inflammation, while supporting the immune system, circulation and metabolism.

PEMF And Health


  PEMF helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep. Most people report a greater sense of well being.

Many people report less stress, and better sleep and moods from using PEMF.

It’s Simple: Energised Cells Work Better

PEMF Energizes Cells

Here’s how it works. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy re-charges your cells, each pulse creating a tiny electrical charge in the cell membranes.


Cells re-charged with PEMF are better at absorbing oxygen and nutrients, removing wastes and communicating with each other. Inflammation and pain sensitivity drop, and repairs accelerate. Circulation and the immune system improve, and energy levels rise.


This is preventive health care. It’s fast becoming vital in today’s environment, in which various factors are reducing our energy levels, health and well being. Incidentally, this is far more effective than the static energy from magnetic bracelets and mattresses.

PEMF is remarkably safe, totally painless, there are very few contra-indications or side effects, and it’s one of the best documented of all therapies.


What to expect? Most people experience pain relief, better sleep and energy levels, and an overall better quality of life. In terms of medical conditions, it’s difficult to generalise since each person is so individual.


We don’t promote PEMF as a direct cure for anything but emphasize its ability to help the body rebuild health and regenerate tissues. A PEMF supplier should assess your overall situation, share their own experience, and advise on the best ways to use the system.

“PEMF is a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about.” Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiologist, broadcaster, Professor of Surgery at New York’s Columbia University

“PEMF is a benefit for Mankind, from infant to geriatric.” Dr. Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize winner. Named one of the 20 greatest scientists of all time by New Scientist magazine

You Can Use PEMF In Several Ways

We supply two Life Mat systems: our flagship, the iMRS and an ultra-portable version, the Omnium1. Both systems use copper coils to generate low-intensity, low-frequency PEMF fields. Further down this page are details of any special offers we might have this month.


At a basic level, Life Mats offer:


1) More energy, less stress, better sleep and general health. Switch on the system, lie on the mat, eight minutes later, you’ve re-charged your cells.


2) Local tissue repair and pain relief. With a pad and either a probe or mini pads, using a signal that NASA scientists have praised for regenerating tissues.

Optional accessories include a) a heart rate variability system to condition your body’s stress response and turn the iMRS into a self-regulating bio-feedback system, and b) a sound and light system for deeper relaxation or energising. By their very nature, these two accessories complement each other and produce a 1+1=3 effect.


The Life Mat Company is run by a specialist with many years PEMF therapy experience using the iMRS and its predecessor, the MRS2000. The result is a wide range of protocols and supplementary advice that can deepen the benefits you receive.


Here is what the main components do and the role of accessories to increase their effects.

Energy, health and better sleep

iMRS Mat for General Health
iMRS Mat

Pain relief in large areas

iMRS Pad for Wide Area Pain Relief
iMRS Pad

Stronger, focused pain relief

iMRS Probe for Strong Pain Relief
iMRS Probe

Stress conditioning

iMRS and iMORE for Stress Conditioning
iMORE Heart Rate Variability System

Deep relaxation

iMRS, iMORE and iSLRS for Deep Relaxation
iMORE and iSLRS Sound + Light System

… With A Wide Range of Benefits

PEMF Benefits Graphic By LifeMat

Reviews From Our Customers

Over the years, we’ve helped to improve the lives of many different people, including children, sports players,  clinics and therapists. Even pets. This spans many countries and a wide range of lifestyles and health situations.

Here’s a small sample of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from our customers. They may help you understand how a Life Mat would fit into your own life.

” We are a family of 4, aged 11 to 44 (with two Life Mat systems). The boys use the mats in the morning and after school. George, our oldest, uses the pad with his knees going to and from school and football training (he has always suffered with them, and it seems to keep the pain at bay). The probe helps Richard with arthritis in his little finger, and he uses the pad while driving to keep lower back pain away. For 20 years, I suffered from bad nightmares that caused me to wake up shouting every night. Since I’ve been using the mat, I sleep right through. I highly recommend it. The results for us have been amazing. ”


Mrs. S. Forrest, Business owner, Essex

” The Life Mat has been incredible. This is the best I’ve felt in years, like I’m in someone else’s body! When I play table tennis, normally I’m very tired and limping after 30 minutes. Recently I played for 2 hours and 20 minutes. My sleep, and the buzzing in my ears, are much better, and I knocked out a bad tooth ache in 20 minutes. Compared with the PEMF system that we used to use, I can lie on this for a shorter time, at a lower intensity, yet I get greater effects! My husband looks so much better. He has more energy, chronic aches and pains are disappearing and he’s had no more flare-ups of his skin condition. ”


Gael Scott, Retiree, Carmarthenshire

” I was in constant back pain. An MRI showed I had a compression fracture in my spine, caused by loss of bone density. The surgeon said I would have to live with it. The pain was getting worse and I had to use a stick to walk even a short distance. This was making it very difficult to continue working as a trainer. On a friend’s recommendation I bought an iMRS system from you and used it twice a day. After two months the stick is in the cupboard, I’m back at work and walking normally. I’ve got more energy, feel confident climbing stairs, and feel myself getting better by the day. I thoroughly recommend this system. ”


Jackie Thomas, Business trainer, Merseyside

” Combined with other modalities, the iMRS system has significantly improved my health and become an essential part of my daily routine. It feels rather like a trickle charger, giving me extra energy. It has also helped me to recover from some serious, debilitating conditions, by enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal. I can particularly recommend buying through Lifemat as they have considerable experience of using PEMF and their advice was very valuable. ”


Dave Nockels, Retired Pilot, Oxfordshire

” The mat system is awesome. After three months, I’m so excited because it has changed so much in my body. I’ve felt fantastic. Recently I had an accident while mountain biking — I went over the handlebars and badly injured my index finger. I treated it twice a day and within 48 hours the dark purple, and most of the swelling, had gone. It was incredible how much it speeded up the healing process. ”


Lucienne Atkinson, Company owner, Yorkshire

” Using the Life Mat 3 times a day has turned my life around. The pain in my back and knees has gone from a 7 or 8 down to a 1 or 2. It’s also given me the energy to do what I need to do in life. For the first time in five years I’ve been able to play golf again with my son. And it’s had a big effect on my business — I’ve been able to put a lot more energy into work. It’s unbelievable, I just feel better all over. You’ve been very professional in helping me and I can’t thank you enough. ”


Dean Tonkin, Market Trader, Surrey

” If I miss a day of going on the Life Mat, my sleep is dreadful again. But if I manage to fit in two sessions, I get a wonderful night’s sleep. My hot flushes have eased considerably, and I just feel a lot better. It’s changed my life. ”


Teresa Allen, Therapist, Isle of Wight


” I’ve been diagnosed with (a major neurological condition) and the mat has been fantastic. I’m addicted to it. I still get tired but now I don’t feel ill for much of the day and I just feel like myself again. The most amazing difference has been with my sleep and not needing to get up in the night. ”


Caroline White, Hampshire

” The change in my father was remarkable after he started using a Life Mat. At 84, he went from no energy, sleeping most of the day, to helping in the house and going out for independent walks. ”


Denise Conroy, Nutritionist, Glasgow


” I have very little cartilage in one hip and I used to limp after exercise. With the Life Mat, I’ve felt like exercising my legs again. I’ve had more energy in the morning and feel very relaxed and ready for sleep at night. The results have been dramatic enough to justify buying the mat and I really enjoy using it. ”


Alison Gourlay, Accountant, Nottingham

” For me, the Lifemat is aptly named as it simply gave me my life back. A second car accident reactivated the twist and whiplash in my body from a more serious accident 30 years ago. My wonderful cranial osteopath worked wonders but my central nervous system seemed unable to retain the changes for long. That was until she treated me on the Lifemat she had just bought for her surgery. I quickly decided to invest in my own Lifemat and I haven’t looked back since then. The benefits, to both my husband and myself, are manifold. I went from a 65 year old hardly able to walk any distance to a 70 year old who has just bought a new, sportier bicycle. ”


Linda Wright, Gloucestershire

iMRS PEMF Device
iMRS Control Unit

A Smart Investment

Some people pay over £10,000 for a PEMF system, while our most popular model costs a little over £3,000. That’s far less than a new car, kitchen or bathroom, and less than some pay in a year for health supplements. Unlike a holiday, the benefits continue for many years (we’re still using some systems that are over 10 years old).


The Cost of Ageing


And they cost less than one month in a care home (see care home costs). This might be one of the best investments you ever make!


Quality of life


Above all, they deliver results. We’ve helped to improve the lives of a great many people, some with difficult issues, others just wanting more energy. PEMF can mean a new lease of life for every family member, even pets. As a result, we get a very high rate of recommendations to family, colleagues and friends.


It’s difficult to put a price on quality of life, but we think most people would agree that it’s worth much more than the cost of a Life Mat.


Getting Things Done


For people working, the extra energy and productivity sometimes means that the system pays for itself in the first few months of using it.

This is especially relevant when you consider how demanding and results-oriented modern work has become, and how many people now work well past the previous retirement age. Energy levels, mental agility, general health and mobility are becoming ever more important to financial health.


Compared With Other Therapies


There are tens of thousands of health products, but few if any can match PEMF’s pedigree: validated for over 40 years by thousands of clinical research studies, deployed in Space, widely used in professional sports, and now used by several million people worldwide.


PEMF therapy is one of the most efficient, cost-effective forms of preventive health care, and can improve performance in sports, study, business, and most acvtivities.


We’ve explored dozens of therapies, but few if any match the range and depth of benefits that we see with PEMF therapy. And that’s in the comfort of your own home, as often as you wish, and shared with those around you.



When you consider its potential to boost quality of life, physical, and even financial, health, a PEMF system starts to look like a pretty good investment.

Especially if you use one of these offers


Our most popular products are the iMRS Complete System and the iMRS Complete Set. In November 2018, we have an offer that gives you an upgrade to the Professional versions of the iMRS System and the Set. For the System, this is a saving of £530, and for the Set a saving of £535.


Since the Set contains both the System and its two main accessories (the iSLRS sound and light system, and the iMORE heart rate variability system), the saving climbs to £770 compared with adding on the accessories later.


In addition to the Complete System’s control unit, mat, pad and probe, the iMRS Professional System has:

  • A user-selectable database of the optimal settings for 280 health issues.
  • Minute-by-minute session settings (instead of just three durations available on the System).


In addition to these components, the iMRS Professional Set has:

  • The iSLRS Sound and Light System, which provides immediate relaxation and stress relief.
  • The iMORE Heart Rate Variability System, which turns the iMRS into a bio-feedback loop and coaches the body into a long term improvement in stress response.
  • The iSLRS and the iMORE work synergistically to reduce the damaging effects of stress, relax the central nervous system and deepen the effects of the PEMF field.


If you were thinking of ordering the world’s most popular PEMF system, this could be good timing.


Please note: An offer like this can create a high volume of orders, and temporary backlogs. If you want to receive your system without delays, it’s a good idea to place your order as soon as possible.


See the Devices pages for further details on these systems and accessories.

Why Life Mat?

6 Reasons to Choose Us

Your choice of PEMF system and distributor can have a major impact on the results you get and the support you receive later. PEMF is extremely effective with very few side effects, but if the wrong parameters or type of system are recommended, it can lead to a worsening of symptoms in some people.


The majority of PEMF distributors we’ve known are well meaning and truthful. However, we’ve recently seen some very misleading claims and sales tactics. Some, with very visible websites but very little experience, claim to be leading experts who introduced PEMF to this country. Some falsely claim to have an exclusive licence to supply PEMF systems. From some buyers, we’ve heard horror stories about equipment problems, after-sales support, unsuitable types of system, and uninformed, sometimes irresponsible, treatment advice.

Reliable distributors usually have a long track record of helping large numbers of people, plus training and experience in the principles and methodologies that support every successful therapy. The same factors, and more, should also apply to those who design and manufacture devices.


The Life Mat Company is a leading independent, worldwide PEMF supplier. We’re a family business headed by a PEMF specialist with extensive therapy experience, training and certification in both PEMF and other modalities. We specialise in the world’s most popular PEMF system (the iMRS or iMRS2000), and, as far as we know, we have sold more of them than anyone else in the UK. This is one of the safest and most reliable systems available, and it comes with excellent customer support.

By ordering your PEMF system through the Life Mat Company you can be confident of:

Specialist Support

We've specialised in the iMRS, and its predecessor the MRS2000, for many years, and adapted their use to a wide range of health situations and lifestyles.

Expert Advice

It really helps to use an experienced, registered specialist with expert protocols, qualified in anatomy, physiology and PEMF therapy.


Our Swiss-made systems are very reliable but if something does go wrong, we offer fast, friendly support, and a remarkable 3 to 8-year guarantee.

Easy to Use

Our systems look complex but you learn to use them in a few minutes. They are easily folded and carried in a strong, attractive shoulder bag.

Based on Nature

Our systems treat the entire body with the same gentle field strengths and frequencies of Earth's magnetic field, matching the body's 'Biological Window.'

Value for Money

Our systems aren't the cheapest or the most expensive but they are good value for their effectiveness, safety and reliability.