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Why We Need PEMF lifemat

Clinical research into Pulsed Magnetic Fields, or PEMF, began in the 1950’s and soon emerged as one of the best means of repairing non-union bone fractures. Even at that time, researchers in Germany were proving that isolation from these fields affected human mental and physical health.

By the 1960’s, PEMF was starting to become a scientific priority for another reason. The first astronauts returned from trips into Space with fatigue, depression, bone loss, and other symptoms. Scientists soon realised that, in addition to weightlessness, a major factor was their reduced exposure to Earth’s magnetic field. This became increasingly important after the Soviet Union launched the Mir space station which remained in near Earth orbit from 1996 to 2001.

Why is this relevant to the rest of us? As you’ll read, we are all experiencing a sharp reduction in these fields, and it is affecting our health and well being.

These early researchers found that another key factor is frequencies. They repeatedly identified the importance of not just Earth’s magnetic field but also global electromagnetic resonances created in the atmosphere above the earth. Named after the German professor Winfried Otto Schumann, they range from 1 to 20 Hz, and are known as the Schumann resonances. Peaking at about 7.8 Hz, they are created by lightning strikes around the earth, estimated at about 100 per second. A detailed explanation of the Schumann Resonances can be found on the NASA website.

The solution for astronauts was to re-create these fields in space, delivering 7.8 Hz and other frequencies through PEMF technology. This was introduced to the Mir space station before it launched in 1996, and it’s believed, but not publicly confirmed, to be used by NASA in its space missions and in the International Space Station.

A four-year study was published by NASA in 2003 which showed the effectiveness of PEMF in generating tissue repairs, particularly in nerve cells. It mentioned the potential for helping various neurological conditions. Some of their recent research found great benefits, especially in restoring mitochondrial function, by using frequencies around 10 Hz.

And in 2005, NASA published a paper “Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields – A Countermeasure for Bone Loss and Muscle Atrophy.” The resulting  research has focused on how to offset the effects of space travel on much longer missions to Mars and other planets. NASA has since gone on to outline further medical risks from space travel including reduced immune responses and a heightened risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

As you’ll read below, these developments have become equally relevant for the rest of us…

Why We Need PEMF lifemat

Our changing Earth

Why We Need PEMF lifemat

Other scientists point out that our bodies evolved for millenia in Earth’s magnetic field. It is one of the most fundamental energies underlying the more obvious chemical and mechanical systems in our bodies.

Crucially, the strength of this vital energy has been falling. The British Geological Survey says “We know from studies of the magnetisation of minerals in ancient clay pots that the Earth’s magnetic field was approximately twice as strong in Roman times as it is now.” The U.S. Geological Survey has made similar statements.

Earlier reports estimated that Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening by 5% every 100 years. But a 2014 report in Live Science said the European Space Agency believes this has accelerated: the field is now weakening by 5% every 10 years.

Our changing environment

As if that wasn’t enough, our bodies have also had less than two generations to adapt to man-made electrical fields (EMF’s). And less than 20 years to adapt to an explosion of man-made communication signals.

We now live in a smog of different EMF signal frequencies and intensities. From inside the house we have mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless broadband and game controllers, computers and household appliances.

From outside there are our neighbours’ wi-fi and cordless phones, power lines, mobile phone masts and myriad satellite transmissions. High EMF fields have been found in a number of leading car models, especially some of the more expensive ones. And increasing numbers of people are driving a type of vehicle which produces even greater fields.

Wifi signals are everywhere, in cafes, shops, trains and city centres. This radiation is especially high in schools and workplaces. Some occupations are particularly exposed (airline pilots and cabin crews, policemen, financial traders, medical staff..) But the people we should worry about most are our children, with constant exposure at school and college coupled with more vulnerable, still developing brains, bodies and personalities.

Many countries, including the UK since 2015, are installing gas, electricity and water networks in which every household has two or more “smart meters” sending constant energy usage transmissions to remote collecting stations — the equivalent of a small mobile phone transmitter on every building and apartment.

Soon “The Internet of Things” promises to wirelessly connect as many elements as possible from our infrastructure, travel systems, utilities and household appliances. This technology is a key part of where our economies are heading; it will be difficult to opt out.

Why We Need PEMF lifemat
Why We Need PEMF lifemat

It’s advisable to understand what’s going on inside your own home, and part of our service at Life Mat is to advise you on doing so. However, you still have to contend with what is coming at you from outside. EMF radiation is most intense in cities, and especially apartment buildings, where clusters of smart meters, phone systems and wifi are crammed into small areas.

One example of the possible biological effects of these fields is a November 2011 study at Eastern Virginia Medical School — it found that human sperm stored below a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop computer for just four hours showed significant levels of impaired function and DNA damage.

The world’s largest-ever study of sperm counts, conducted in France over 16 years and across a sample of 26,000 men, found that between 1989 and 2005, both average total sperm counts, and counts of healthy sperm, fell by a third. A key factor will also be chemical pollution, but EMF pollution has risen sharply since this study was completed.

Again, the key here is frequency: our PEMF systems use low frequencies in the 0-40 Hz range found in human brain waves (and in the earth’s atmosphere). By contrast, a DECT cordless phone, one of the most common devices in an average household, operates at around 3 Gigahertz (3,000,000,000 Hz).

In 2011, the World Health Organisation, a very conservative and slow-to-react organisation, finally announced that Radio Frequency radiation (which includes wifi and all of the emissions we talked about earlier) is a “possible human carcinogen”. It rated it as Class 2B, a category that includes DDT, lead and engine exhausts.

In 2015, a group of 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the UN and the WHO “requesting that they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk. These exposures are a rapidly growing form of environmental pollution.”

Unless you live in a very remote region, and have eliminated all major sources of emf fields in your home, you’re surrounded by this background radiation 24 hours a day, and insulated from Earth’s natural field by the way modern houses are constructed.

It just seems common sense to assume that a dense jumble of powerful, man-made energy signals would interfere with how our cells absorb a much weaker, natural source of energy – an energy found to underpin all the electrical and chemical processes in our bodies.

Why We Need PEMF lifemat

The perfect storm

Why We Need PEMF lifemat
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It would be absurd to claim this as the single cause, but it’s also impossible to ignore the state of health of our species. We are witnessing steeply rising, virtually epidemic, levels of “lifestyle diseases” and premature ageing. And the statistics show that these are not just the result of an ageing society. A 2018 study at Cambridge University found that more than a quarter of British adults are suffering from more than one serious chronic health condition, rising to almost half of the over-50’s, and the overall trend is set to worsen.

This carries enormous implications for the affordability of health care systems, and for the fate of people’s life savings which are increasingly threatened by the cost of residential care homes. The Brtiish government warned in mid 2015 that the National Health Service will soon become unsustainable unless people start to take individual responsibility for their own health.

Whether or not you accept the claimed link between this EMF smog and at least a proportion of our current health trends (if not, do a little research and you may be surprised), it’s hard to argue with the world’s top Space scientists and the world’s top geologists when they talk about Earth’s magnetic field, its declining strength, and, crucially, its biological effects.

So, we live in a world where our key energy source has dropped by a half in the past 2000 years, and even the benefits we used to draw from that energy have been vastly reduced by the electro smog we’ve created in the past 20 years. The EMF fields we’ve created are here to stay, and they are steadily increasing, every year, in their range of frequencies, and intensity. And our society is becoming rapidly sicker.

The only question is: what’s a good antidote?

PEMF offers a solution

Plentiful energy, deep sleep, a sense of peace, clarity of thought and lack of reactivity. You may still experience these on holidays in the mountains or near a quiet beach, but they’re increasingly absent in modern society.

Magnetic stimulation technology gives us a way to immerse ourselves in the same kind of energy and frequencies that we used to get from direct contact with the Earth, but at levels not seen for centuries.

Static magnets, used in bracelets and bed pads, have been used in healing for thousands of years. Many people with arthritis say they still have value. But they can’t compete with the fluctuating fields used in the best PEMF devices.

One of the leading independent researchers in the field of environmental pollution, especially EMF fields, is Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada.

She teaches one of the few undergraduate courses in North America examining the effects of non-ionizing radiation, and is scientific advisor to a number of non-profit organisations. This is what she had to say after experimenting with one of one of our earlier systems (the MRS 2000):

“One of the claims made by those who sell the MRS 2000 or iMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) system is that this technology helps blood circulation by keeping blood cells from sticking together. I wanted to know if this claim was true, so I tested myself.

I did a live blood analysis after I worked on a computer. Then tested my blood after using the MRS 2000 mat for 8 minutes on a sensitive setting (low intensity) and found — to my surprise — that my blood cells looked much healthier. They were no longer sticking together.

I repeated this several times and found virtually identical results. This was encouraging. One night I bashed my shin against some furniture and knew that in the morning I would have a large bruise. The skin was cut but not bleeding. I used the MRS 2000 probe set at high for 8 minutes and went to bed. The next morning there was no bruise, no swelling, and no pain, just the remnants of the cut.”

Why We Need PEMF lifemat
Why We Need PEMF lifemat

Countless research studies have shown that PEMF can help us to reduce pain, improve our sleep and energy levels, and live more vibrant, healthy lives. For little more than the cost of a family holiday, you can acquire a technology capable of helping the energy levels, and more, of every family member.