PEMF for Animals

How can pets and other animals benefit from PEMF?

PEMF for Animals lifemat

Cats and Dogs

PEMF is being used by owners and breeders of various pet animals for a wide range of applications. These include faster wound healing, slowing down joint wear and tear, and as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. By increasing cell metabolism, oxygenation and nutrient absorption, it is also used to influence growth disorders, and problems with the skin and coat, as well as strengthening the immune system and reducing allergies.

PEMF for Animals lifemat


The Life Mat’s equine version is in regular use with top racehorses before and after training and races. Key performance-related benefits are greater blood oxygenation, muscle relaxation and regeneration, and reduced spasms, blockages, fear and nervousness, especially before races. Given the wide range of injuries, hoof, joint and back problems seen in working horses, owners have found PEMF a very cost-effective tool to use cooperatively, and in parallel, with their vets.

PEMF for Animals lifemat


Using the same technology as the equine version, the iMRS can be used with dairy herds for immobilisation, to increase gestation, to regulate milk protein content, and to treat udder problems. As with horses, it is used to speed recovery from wounds and infections, and for overall prophylaxis. Given the number of animals in an average dairy herd who can share its use when needed, this is a small investment in overall health and productivity.

Recently our eight-year-old Rottweiler started limping badly. We got a vet’s referral for a canine physiotherapist who found he’d injured his back. We started treating him three times a day with the Life Mat pad and when the physio returned two weeks later, she was amazed at his progress and almost in tears. We can take him for walks now without him falling down and he pulls really hard on his lead again.

Gael Scott, Carmarthenshire

Please note: an iMRS system for large animals was launched in Spring 2013. Replacing the old Enerpuls system, the iMRS Fauna requires a firmware upgrade and a special SD card, but uses the same controller as a human iMRS system (replaced for humans by the iMRS Prime models). Two large surface applicators have been developed which can be permanently installed in box stalls or livestock trailers, so that horses, cows and other large animals can be simply placed between the applicators to receive their daily treatment. As before, modular leg applicators are available for localised application.

The standard, human iMRS Prime systems can also be used with small animals.

Caution: If you want to give PEMF, or almost any other complementary therapy, to an animal, you are expected to first gain your vet’s approval, and you (the owner) would usually apply the treatment yourself. Obviously it is best to first have a vet’s diagnosis of what is going on.