PEMF For Business

How can PEMF help boost business results?

PEMF for Business lifemat

Decision Making

The best decisions and problem solving are said to come from a blend of left-brain reasoning and right-brain intuition. This appears to be more likely when the autonomic nervous system is in a parasympathetic state and if visual and auditory brain entrainment is used on top of specific brainwave frequencies. Among our clients are business people who report that 8-16 minutes per day using the Life Mat, especially with the Light and Sound and HRV accessories, can produce sudden insights and solutions (in addition to all the health benefits of reduced stress).

PEMF for Business lifemat


Generating breakthrough ideas is crucial to most businesses. Stress and fatigue get in the way. If you rest in a calming PEMF field, especially with the HRV and Sound + Light accessories, your odds of finding a brilliant idea are greatly increased. The most successful companies like Apple and Google go to great lengths to build a creative workplace. And top inventors, designers and managers have used S+L for years. In the Life Mat, all these elements can be integrated — a powerful combination.

PEMF for Business lifemat

EMF’s At Work

Electro smog in some workplaces is so strong that it impacts morale, productivity and decision making. This is most obvious in crowded offices with back-to-back computers and masses of under-floor cabling, such as financial dealing rooms and other large offices. Powerful wi-fi and cordless phone transmitters complete the picture. Aircraft pilots are constantly exposed to emf’s from plane electronics and above-earth radiation. Having personal or office PEMF systems can be a relatively cheap antidote, improving productivity, staff retention and the bottom line.

PEMF for Business lifemat

Frequent Travel

A recent study at the universities of Surrey and Lund found that frequent travelers are at higher risk of circulatory issues (deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks and stroke), premature aging and a compromised immune system. They experience greater stress, reduced oxygen levels, disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms, and high levels of radiation. Chronic jet lag disrupts regulation of several hormones linked to serious diseases. Fortunately, PEMF can help with many of these issues — especially if you’re doing regular long flights across many time zones.