PEMF for Clinics and Spas

Using PEMF systems in health clinics, spas and gyms

PEMF for Clinics and Spas lifemat


In clinics, the Life Mat can be used with other therapies or stand-alone, especially as a quick energy booster.  We’ve supplied systems to medical doctors, acupuncturists, beauty therapists, Bowen therapists, chiropractors, colon hygienists, counselors, cranio-sacral therapists, equine therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, reflexologists, Reiki therapists, and others. We consistently hear of better results when PEMF is combined into their core therapy.

PEMF for Clinics and Spas lifemat


For therapists, PEMF usually takes the core therapy deeper, leading to more satisfied clients and better word of mouth. An acupuncturist client (who now uses needles and PEMF together) reported as much improvement in pulse readings after clients lay on the mat as after needling. The head of Life Mat has a therapist background so we relate to your needs and offer free therapist training on products, PEMF basics, running a PEMF business, and legal considerations.

PEMF for Clinics and Spas lifemat


In a health spa, the Life Mat offers benefits at least equal to most spa treatments. With variable sessions of 10 minutes up to an hour,  it suits both residential facilities and city spas where a short 10-minute treatment can fit into a lunch hour. For some spas, it can be an ideal differentiating factor (a stress relief therapy that delivers tangible health benefits). Life Mats can be placed on treatment beds to combine with bodywork therapies, and used stand-alone on dedicated loungers.

PEMF for Clinics and Spas lifemat

Beauty Salons

Just like several other therapies, the effects of beauty therapy can be increased by bathing the client in a PEMF field during treatment; its stimulating effects on skin and circulation should prime the body for a greater response. Given that beauty therapy itself promotes relaxation, the stress relief, feel-good and energizing aspects of PEMF can make this a popular combination therapy. Salons have even been known to treat clients on the Life Mat pad during seated treatments.

PEMF for Clinics and Spas lifemat


In a gym or sports facility, using PEMF is a great way of boosting performance levels during exercise, and relaxing and repairing tired muscles afterwards. Injuries become less likely, and clients have the satisfaction of going beyond their previous limits. It can even become a key differentiating factor (“our gym uses energizing and muscle recovery technology to help you progress faster”). As the Sports section explains, this is one of the most exciting applications for PEMF.