iMRS Prime Features

Applications, Features and How to Use Them

The iMRS Prime – A New PEMF Standard

Released in Spring 2020, the iMRS Prime immediately set a new standard for the PEMF industry. Firstly, it includes low-intensity PEMF (in an advanced, Nature-based format) with all the standard PEMF effects on energy levels, pain, circulation, etc.

However, it takes this much further with a hybrid approach that recognises the importance of reducing stress and anxiety. Many medical studies have shown that these affect our mental and physical health, especially our cardiovascular and immune systems.

In addition, our technology-based world is causing constant background stess at a cellular level, blocking natural self-healing responses. There is no single solution, but when the right blend of energy fields is applied, we start to see major improvements.

In this way, the iMRS Prime supports the entire person, from their physical health to how they feel about the world. Incorporating PEMF, Far Infra Red, Bio Feedback, Brain Entrainment, Colour and Music Therapy, this is a hybrid therapy for the age we live in.

Basic Features (common to all models)

  • Low-intensity PEMF fields – matching biological windows down to 0.08 microTesla, low enough even for most electro-sensitive people.
  • Graduated field intensities – much higher at the feet than at the sensitive neck and head area.
  • Nature-based frequencies – including the Schumann Resonances.
  • Tightly-wound, solid copper coils – for the purest type of PEMF signal.
  • Triple saw tooth waveform (on the mat) – for whole-body health maintenance by maximizing sub-harmonics and cellular resonance.
  • Square wave waveform (on the pad and spot) – found by NASA to be superior to other signals for localised pain relief and tissue repair.
  • Alternating field polarities – to prevent habituation.
  • 1-60 minutes sessions timer – longer sessions can help acute issues.
  • Program Mode – store preferred daily settings for each regular user.
  • Easy to use graphical screen interface – easy to access all functions.
  • Cushioned mat, pad and spot applicators – ultra-comfortable.
  • Portable – mat folds down; whole system fits into two small travel bags, or one small tote bag for the basic travel kit.
  • Medical-grade surfaces – tough, washable, durable.
  • Medical-grade click plugs – easy connection and removal.
  • Status indicators on applicators – see which is in use and its status.
  • Session memory – remembers settings from one session to the next.
  • Built to last – strong materials and a three- to five-years warranty.
  • Upgradeability – new functions can now be added remotely.
  • Ready to use, out of the box – connect three cables and start your first session.

Organ Clock

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat

A key feature of the iMRS Prime is its automatic output of brainwave frequencies. Named after the 24-hour organ clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a way of reinforcing the body’s natural circadian rhythms, offering energy and alertness in the morning, and sleepiness before bed.

These frequencies are further emphasized when you choose a Fast Start program, especially when used with the Exagon Brain device. Through the Fast Starts or the Manual Mode, you can also over-ride the clock settings, for instance to deal with jetlag or a late-night project.

Fast Start Programs

Instantly choose the experience you want from seven bundles of intensity, duration and brainwave frequencies (from the Organ Clock setting in each).

These effects become much deeper when used with synchronised sound, light, colour and selected music through brain entrainment (read more below). Colour values are shown in red, green and blue.

And the effects are deeper still when combined with Far Infra Red. For those with an iMRS Prime Hybrid mat, from January 2023 the Fast Start programs all have the option of Far Infra Red incorporated into the program. As with other parameters in the Fast Starts, the FIR levels are graduated according to whatever level of thermal stimulation and increased blood flow is required at different points in the program. For example, Activation goes from 70% to 80% to 90%, while Balance is 50%, 60%, 70% and 80%.

This approach to pre-programmed settings for different experiences, combining PEMF intensities, circadian frequencies, brain entrainment and Far Infra Red, truly takes the concept of a PEMF mat to an entirely new level.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime - Features lifemat

iMRS Prime Advanced Features

Bio Feedback

Although it’s an optional accessory, the Exagon Sense is one of the most important tools through which the iMRS Prime reaches its full potential. This optical measuring device clips onto your finger to measure your Heart Rate Variability (HRV, the fluctuating time interval between each pair of heartbeats) and your Blood Oxygenation Saturation (SpO2).

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime Sense in use

The device turns the whole iMRS Prime system into a bio-feedback loop. The same was true of the iMORE device with the old iMRS system, but the Sense device and system on the iMRS Prime is far more advanced.

The Sense updates its readings constantly, displaying on screen as a continuous graph, and stores them for up to a year. The data can then be analysed by state-of-the art software from Finnish company Kubios, the global leader in medical HRV analysis (used in over 800 scientific studies). This offers a powerful way to assess the user’s health over time, their response to the iMRS Prime settings and to anything else the user might be using.

It now becomes possible to fine-tune the PEMF field according to the user’s changing needs. A young athlete will have a totally different response from a sedentary elderly person, and yet both will go through periods when their body is responding well or badly to other factors that have nothing to do with their age or fitness levels. The Exagon Sense provides a unique way of ensuring a tailor-made fit, whatever happens in the user’s life.

HRV is considered the gold standard in assessing a person’s stress level, and, crucially, how their body responds to it. It is used by several major corporations as a way of reducing stress and reactivity in their employees. Heartmath Inc and the Heartmath Institute  have been particularly famous for this.

It is also a way of measuring and improving the functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System, which has major implications for overall health and longevity.

Standard HRV systems measure your heart rate variability as either a simple indicator of overall health, or to give feedback on your body’s response to, for example, meditation or breathing exercises, which are valuable in their own right. But they only have an immediate effect for as long as you watch the screen and for instance meditate or focus on your breathing — you have to put in the effort to make them work.

In the case of the Exagon Sense, the entire process is effortless and automated, with the PEMF field from the mat, and your own heart rate variability, acting as opposite ends of a continuous, inter-active loop with the aim of steadily improving several aspects of overall health.

This means dynamically altering PEMF field strengths, using changes in HRV. When the system registers any stress, the field is reduced, and as soon as that settles down, the field is raised again (the field at low levels is relaxing, but as it gets stronger, becomes energising).

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime BioFeedback App

The result is a tuning-up of your autonomic nervous system (ANS) during every session. The ANS is the part of your nervous system that automatically regulates your heart, digestive system, glands (including hormones) and other involuntary body functions.

It is your body’s first response to physical or psychological stimuli, and it operates in two states: the Sympathetic Nervous System (responsible for the Fight or Flight survival response) and the Parasympathetic System (healing and regeneration).

When the response becomes degraded, the body stays in near-constant Sympathetic states due to constant stress. This is true of vast numbers of people in modern society, and it results in the body being less able to recover from disease and injury.

The good news is that if, over time (this not a quick fix), your HRV function is steadily improved, then your body is moved towards its highest potential for adaptability to stress, affecting its ability to repair itself and re-establish health and wellness.

To learn more about the benefits from improving your Heart Rate Variability, here’s our in-depth HRV focus, part 3 of the iMRS Prime Review series.

The Exagon Sense has a further function: it measures the amount of oxygen in your blood. The light wave from the device detects variations in the blood’s colour, which indicate the degree of oxygenation saturation.

A normal reading is from 95 to 100% (of oxygenated vs un-oxygenated haemoglobin). Below that range is a state called hypoxemia, usually caused by breathing problems, cardiovascular problems or anemia. The main reason for concern is that when this turns into hypoxia, a state of low oxygen levels in the tissues, it can cause serious cell damage.

So the fact that PEMF improves circulation (partly through increased nitric oxide levels and greater mobility in red blood cells) and improves oxygen uptake and donation through the lungs and cell membranes (partly through changes in the haemoglobin molecule) is good news. Especially when blood oxygen levels can rise by 2-3 percentage points during an iMRS Prime session! And the Exagon Sense lets you see the extent of that impact throughout each session, which might also help you decide how often you should be using the mat.

Even if only looked at in terms of circulatory effects, the Exagon Sense offers major improvement on top of the existing benefits of PEMF for lower blood viscosity and better ogygen tissue perfusion. But it goes far beyond this in that the Autonomic Nervous System controls so many other body systems and our overall response to stress. Even many therapists don’t understand the implications of continuous-loop bio-feedback, but they should!

To learn more about the potential benefits, here’s our in-depth Bio-Feedback focus, part 2 of the iMRS Prime Review series.

Brain Entrainment

Brain entrainment is an optional accessory (with the Exagon Brain) with all levels of the iMRS Prime. It helps to melt away stress, and improve emotional balance, mental focus and clarity — like a spa for the brain.

While the mat is bathing your whole body in a rejuvenating field, brain entrainment helps to increase its effects by producing deeper relaxation and helping you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.

Unlike the longer-term effects of bio-feedback, entrainment is a quick fix, usually producing instant relaxation. Both are important: various studies show that stress is a key component in many serious diseases.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Brain in use

And the effects of Sound and Light technology may go well beyond relaxation and stress relief.  Scientists at the Massachussets Institute of Technology are using S+L to treat rats grown to model the progression of human Alzheimer’s Disease.

This appears to boost the brain’s immune cell activity so as to mop up their faulty brain proteins. It also improves the survival, health and connectivity of neurons, and dilated blood vessels, they reported. Human trials are underway.

Obviously meditation and mindfulness can deliver enormous benefits with both mental and physical health. However, not everyone is prepared to spend the time required to master these techniques. Brain entrainment offers an almost instant, effortless approach.

Sound and Light systems have been used for decades to produce stress-free, meditative states in which accelerated learning, problem solving and creativity are all significantly increased.

Yet combined with PEMF, Far Infra Red and the iMRS Prime’s Fast Start programs, the experience can be precisely focused on whatever you want to achieve.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Brain App

Maybe energised and laser focused for the peak morning hours, re-energised for the afternoon energy dip, chilled out and reflective in the early evening, drowsy and ready for instant sleep before bed-time.

The Brain device connects into the controller box, and comprises eye pads, headphones and a built-in music player. It offers a combination of four different types of brain entrainment:

Brain Entrainment through flickering lights – these help the brain move into the Alpha and Theta waves in which deep learning, intuition, visualisation and idea generation are generally found.

Brain Entrainment through binaural beats. Along with the music are separate tones, sometimes audible. Again, this is a decades-old form of brain entrainment used in relaxation, meditation and learning, helping the brain move into Alpha and Theta states. The brain registers a different tone in each ear and focuses (or entrains) to the mid point between the two frequencies.

Brain Entrainment through binaural beats. Along with the music are separate tones, sometimes audible. Again, this is a decades-old form of brain entrainment used in relaxation, meditation and learning, helping the brain move into Alpha and Theta states. The brain registers a different tone in each ear and focuses (or entrains) to the mid point between the two frequencies.

To learn more about the potential benefits, here’s our in-depth Brain Entrainment focus, part 1 of the iMRS Prime Review series.

Colour therapy: you can now change the main colour coming from the LED lights to your choice from almost any colour in the light spectrum. This makes colour therapy possible with different colours having specific effects on the brain and central nervous system. This can generate a whole range of effects on things like mood, energy levels, motivation and cognitive performance. Some of the best-known examples are:

Red for energy, vitality and determination (but may not be tolerated well by those with high stress levels, aggression or hyperactivity). Blue is calming and balancing, but might affect your ability to get to sleep if used shortly before bedtime. As a good compromise, green is refreshing, optimistic and somewhat energising.

Already, simple use of colour has been shown to generate a wide range of effects on mood, energy levels, motivation and cognitive performance, validated in many schools, workplaces and prisons. And the huge range of colours that can be generated by the Brain device offers potential well beyond what basic colour therapy can supply, especially when combined with the other features of the Brain.

To learn more about the potential benefits, here’s our in-depth Colour Therapy focus, part 4 of the iMRS Prime Review series.

Music therapy. The Exagon Brain system enables you to download your chosen tracks to build a music library. If you wish, we can supply you with lists of music for different purposes — healing, meditation, learning, etc.

To learn more about the potential benefits, here’s our in-depth Music Therapy focus, part 5 of the iMRS Prime Review series.

The Exagon Brain’s functions become especially powerful and convenient when combined with one of the Fast Start programs, each of which has a specific blend of organ clock, PEMF intensities, durations and colours to create whichever effect you’re seeking.

Split Mode

Available in the iMRS Prime Expert and higher levels, the first advantage of Split Mode is that two users can get treatments at the same time — no more waiting for the other person to complete their session at bedtime!

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime Double Mats in Split Mode

This applies to the Mat, Pad and Spot applicators, as well as the Sense bio-feedback and Brain brain entrainment systems: you can both be doing a fully featured hybrid PEMF session at the same time, using the same, or totally different, settings.

In effect, the Split Mode means you can have two independent PEMF systems, while only paying extra for the additional package of applicators and accessories.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
MRS Prime Double Spots in Split Mode

The second advantage is that a user can use two of any applicator at the same time, reducing the time spent on duplicated treatments (for instance with a pair of Spots treating both arthritic knees or elbows).


Available in the Prime Expert level and above, the iGuide is a database of health conditions (currently 284 of them) with the optimal settings for helping the body to deal with each of them. This has obvious value for therapists and clinics but has also proven popular with many home users.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime iGuide Conditions Database

Whether for yourself or someone else, for help with a specific health challenge, you can scroll through the iGuide list, pick the condition and the applicator you want to use. The system will then start a session based on the parameters that we’ve found most effective in such cases.

Far Infra Red

Available in the iMRS Prime Hybrid level and above, this is the first PEMF device that we know of to offer a combination of true PEMF and true Far Infra Red. Especially when these are the purest possible fields using tightly wound copper coils for the PEMF and a layer of advanced carbon fibre cabling for the Far Infra Red.

Many other systems have tried to do the same but usually with a very sub-optimal approach: crude heating elements (giving off strong EMF fields) beneath a heavy layer of mineral crystals, coupled with claimed PEMF fields that don’t turn out to be true PEMF.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
Infra-red hand thermography scan

Combining pure FIR with a pure PEMF field is one of the most powerful approaches to hybrid PEMF. And the user experience is of a gentle warmth spreading out through the body (not the kind of intense heat and sweating you get from a Far Infra Red sauna) on top of the existing relaxation coming from the PEMF field. Add on the Exagon Brain system and you have an extremely relaxing treatment in which stress and anxiety should melt away.

A paper published by two Harvard Medical School dermatologists in 2012 — Far Infra Red Radiation, Its Biological Effects and Medical Applications — notes that varous research studies have shown promising results from FIR across a wide range of health issues, including various types of inflammation, pain, hormonal regulation, cellulite, weight loss, allergies, quality of sleep and various cardiovascular, micro-circulatory and metabolic disorders.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime Hybrid Far Infra Red App

It’s never a good idea to extrapolate from research studies to what you might expect yourself with a specific issue, and there is far less research available on the potential benefits of Far Infra Red compared with the vast range of studies on PEMF.

However, the FIR research does give an idea of its sheer range of biological benefits. When you add this to the benefits shown in PEMF research, and other features of the iMRS Prime, it’s clear that combining two natural energy fields creates an even more powerful health technology.

It’s still early days, but when we’ve used the iMRS Prime’s bio feedback sensor at the same time as the FIR option, we’ve seen a further impact on a health marker that concerns many people today: blood oxygenation levels. Increased blood circulation is a basic effect of both PEMF mats and Far Infra Red, and combining them appears to take this effect even higher.

To learn more about the potential benefits of FIR, here’s our in-depth Far Infra Red focus, part 6 of the iMRS Prime Review series.

Trial Mode

Available only in the top-of-the-range iMRS Prime Trial, Trial Mode comprises a new signal generator. It enables doctors, therapists and researchers to duplicate whatever PEMF signals they find in research studies and to even invent their own.

The iMRS Prime Trial can create any blend of waveform, frequencies, pulsing and intensities up to 1000 microTesla (which is still low intensity compared with some other systems but far higher than we recommend for regular home use).

Let’s take the example of a study on the effects of PEMF on blood circulation, a contentious subject in the PEMF industry. One PEMF manufacturer claims that their system’s proprietary waveform is uniquely effective in boosting blood circulation. Others argue that this is a basic property of almost all PEMF systems.

Using the iMRS Prime Trial system, and a truly independent group of researchers, we could have a double-blind, peer-reviewed study of the circulatory effects from several different manufacturers and waveforms, using basic PEMF and also hybrid forms like the Prime incorporating Far Infra Red and Heart Rate Variability.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
Sinus and Square Waves

In the hands of an independent researcher, the iMRS Prime will be able to recreate a variety of signals and assess the physiological response using its Heart Rate Variability storage and analysis functions.

To be totally sure, we could add on SpO2 blood oxygenation, Dark Field live blood microscopy, arterial stiffness measurements, and some mainstream blood markers.

With the iMRS Prime, the signal parameters and biofeedback scores can be programmed and stored for one user, a group of users or various groups of users. This makes it possible to easily study the effects on subjects grouped by age, gender and specific health challenges.

iMRS Prime - Features lifemat
iMRS Prime Trial PEMF Signal Generator

Overall, we think the combination of functions in the iMRS Prime Trial is capable of becoming an objective, respected reference standard for the PEMF research industry, helping it to achieve standardised, replicatable signal parameters.

The same equipment will be able to assess the results, instantly and over time, using medical-grade software applied to the widely recognised diagnostic standard of Heart Rate Variability.

Especially when conducted through independent double-blind studies, this should give PEMF research much greater acceptance and respect in mainstream medicine.

A training and certification requirement is attached to the purchase of Trial systems and sets.