PEMF Therapy for Everyone


Use PEMF If You Want To Look This Vibrant

Vitality and stamina


Many people live with daily tiredness, affecting work, relationships and their experience of life. Many factors can be involved, including nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, unbalanced blood sugars, and low blood oxygen levels. Many turn to stimulants or over-eating to bridge the energy gap. The result is exhausted adrenals, weight gain, and a self-reinforcing cycle of fatigue. PEMF therapy offers a great short cut, re-energising every cell with the same natural energies that our bodies evolved with. A Life Mat is effectively a natural battery charger, for your body.

Productivity With PEMF



Personal productivity varies greatly between people and responds to many factors including personality, motivation and organisation. However, physical energy levels are a key factor, and PEMF therapy is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that your body can keep up with your intentions. For many people, this alone can justify the cost of owning a system. From large companies to home businesses, having access to a PEMF machine can be a very effective capital investment.

PEMF Can Really Help With Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue


When fatigue becomes chronic, you find people who struggle with everything; sometimes even leaving the house is too much effort. Ironically, these people tend to be highly motivated, and impatient; often they have forced themselves through a wall of everyday tiredness until their bodies seem to give up. Using PEMF therapy, major improvements are usually seen (it’s not a quick fix: patience, stress management and endocrine regulation are often essential).


Yoga And PEMF Are A Great Health Maintenance Combination



Mainstream medicine has become ever more sophisticated, but doctors and hospital systems are struggling to cope as disease rates climb among young and old. We’re living longer, but sicker, and taking personal responsibility for our health has become ever more important. PEMF therapy is not a panacea or cure, but if there’s another home technology that can match PEMF’s effects on circulation, immune cells, pain, inflammation, energy levels and sleep, we’ve yet to hear of it. It’s the ideal tool to promote a healthy, vigorous life. “An ounce of prevention… .”

PEMF For Muscle Tension

Pain and Inflammation


PEMF therapy often helps with pain and inflammation from both recent and chronic issues. Chronic pain commonly occurs when a distracted immune system causes inflammation and a distorted response to nerve signals. Key to this are hormones called prostaglandins, and several studies have shown that PEMF can help regulate them. Other studies have shown that reduced access to magnetic field energy can cause reduced output of our natural pain reliever, endorphins, so supplementing with a focused magnetic field has obvious potential.

Circulation Is Improved By Magnetic Therapy

Circulation and oxygen


PEMF therapy boosts blood flow and oxygenation of tissues in several ways. By re-energising cell membranes, it produces less clumping and more movement among red blood cells (easily seen under a dark field microscope). PEMF also increases the dilation of arteries by boosting output of Nitric Oxide or NO (the discovery of NO’s various roles won the Nobel Prize in 1998 and one result was Viagra). And by inhibiting prostaglandins (involved in aggregation of platelets), it has an anticoagulant effect.

Magnetic Therapy Can Boost The Immune System

Immune System


PEMF fields have been shown to increase the quantity of cellular messengers called interleukins which play a key role in the development of immune system cells. It appears to particularly boost the number of T-cells, and the activity levels of phagocytes. The result is a more robust immune response in which macrophages are better able to destroy invading pathogens, and your body is better equipped to fight off infections.

Magnetic Fields Can Increase Senior Mobility

Joints and mobility


Keeping flexible and mobile is a key factor in our longevity, independence and well being. However, over-exercising, repetitive minor movements or a sedentary lifestyle can cause various problems in our joints, ligaments and tendons. And most of us have creaky joints by our sixties or much earlier. Fortunately, PEMF therapy has two advantages: its inhibiting effects on prostaglandins and inflammation, and its stimulating effects on chondrocytes (the main cells in cartilage which buffers the bones inside our joints).

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Boost Metabolism



Slow metabolism, over acidity and sleep loss are key factors in weight gain. Among PEMF’s effects are faster metabolism, more alkalinity and better sleep. Its ability to help reduce stress is also important since stress-induced cortisol is involved in weight gain. And fatigue often leads to a cycle of over-eating, weight gain and even more lethargy. Once you have more energy to break the cycle, weight loss should become easier.

PEMF Is Probably The Strongest Way Of Improving Bone Strength

Bone Strength


Loss of bone density is common as we age, particularly in women over the age of 50. This can cause fractures and severe back pain. PEMF can stimulate production of osteoblast, chondrocyte and Type 1 collagen cells responsible for building mature bone tissue, and their balance with osteoclasts (which prevent the formation of too much bone). Repairing difficult fractures was how PEMF therapy began, and boosting bone strength remains one of its most potent uses.

If You Want To Conceive Then Magnetic Therapy Is Worth Considering



Conceiving and becoming a parent takes a lot of energy. Pre- or post-natal complications are less likely if all the body’s systems and cells are working well, so PEMF’s oxygenating and energizing effects have obvious potential. Being very cautious, we don’t recommend it during pregnancy, but it is highly recommended before and after (when a woman’s body needs all the help it can get to regain muscle tone, and avoid post natal back pain, hormonal imbalances, and depression).


Skin and ageing


Leading causes of skin problems, damage and wrinkles include stress, sleep loss, acidity, toxic skin products, poor circulation and oxygen levels, sluggish lymphatic and elimination systems, too much sun, falling or unbalanced hormone levels, and reduced collagen output. PEMF therapy offers background help with many of these problems but this is especially true when it’s combined with certain other technologies.

Magnetic Therapy Can Boost hGH Levels



Human Growth Hormone, or hGH, has a powerful effect on skin quality, muscle growth, sex drive, and flexibility. Some people, especially sportsmen, have expensive hGH injections. PEMF offers a natural alternative by: 1) stimulating deep, healthy sleep (during which hGH output peaks), and 2) increasing production in the liver of growth hormone co-factors, especially IGF-2 which is thought to boost the availability and effects of hGH itself.

The Nutrients In These Blueberries Can Be Better Absorbed Using PEMF



You can consume the best diet and supplements in the world, but how much of them your cells absorb depends on the state of your cell membranes, and the state of the nervous system and microbiome in your digestive tract. These processes seem to be compromised in most of us and are prompting much research. PEMF therapy can increase cell membrane permeability (including nutrient pathways), and reduce stress and inflammation in the gut. Like other aspects of PEMF, we’ve found great potential for combining it with other types of therapy.

Quality of Life

PEMF therapy for clinical treatment for depression

Feeling good


We all experience waves of positive and negative emotions but sometimes feeling down and anxious can dominate. Grief and anger can be very destructive if they go on for too long. Tackling them at the physical level can at least help to limit their effects and make them more manageable. This means balancing neuro-transmitters like serotonin and dopamine, one reason why one type of PEMF therapy has been approved as a clinical treatment for depression. The feel-good effect that most people notice with PEMF has a sound physiological explanation.

Most People Report Better Sleep With PEMF



Insomnia, sleep apnea, urgent urination and other sleep interruptions are common, and up to a third of all adults are now thought to suffer from chronic sleep loss. A 2013 documentary, by the BBC and the University of Surrey, found that interrupted sleep has a significant impact on brain fog, memory issues, weight gain, and expression of genes linked with major lifestyle diseases. With PEMF therapy, most people report improved sleep, and even the few who don’t usually say that they enjoy the extra energy despite their sleep problems.

PEMF Is The Perfect Tool For Health Maintenance



We live in a  stressful society, with long working hours, long commutes and information overload. Our bodies evolved for immediate fight or flight responses, so powerful stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, are activated constantly. Constant muscle tension causes back pain, neck pain and headaches. And medicine now sees stress as a major disease factor. Just 8-16 minutes a day of PEMF therapy (especially with Sound and Light, and Heart Rate Variability feedback) is one of the best ways of turning off the stress switch and unwinding.

Studying Later In Life Seems To Improve With PEMF



Study and learning are much easier when the central nervous is relaxed yet energised. We’ve had various customers, from school children to business people to retirees, report better mental energy, focus and learning after starting to use a Life Mat. This can lead to better exam results, new opportunities, and even a new sense of purpose. There are many physiological, psychological and financial benefits to acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Work and Business

Some People Report Better Decision Making With PEMF

Decision Making


The best decisions and problem solving are said to come from a blend of left-brain reasoning and right-brain intuition. Among our clients are business people who report that 8-16 minutes per day using the Life Mat, especially with the Light and Sound and HRV accessories, can produce sudden insights and solutions (in addition to all the health benefits).

Many People Report More Creativity With PEMF



Generating breakthrough ideas is crucial to most businesses. Stress and fatigue get in the way. If you rest in a calming PEMF field, especially with the HRV and Sound + Light accessories, your odds of finding a brilliant idea are greatly increased. The most successful companies like Apple and Google go to great lengths to build a creative workplace. And top inventors, designers and managers have used S+L for years. In the Life Mat, all these elements can be integrated — a potent combination.

PEMF as an EMF antidote

EMF’s At Work


Electro smog in some workplaces is so strong that it impacts morale, productivity and decision making. This is most obvious in densely crowded offices with back-to-back computers and masses of under-floor cabling, such as financial dealing rooms. Aircraft pilots are constantly exposed to emf’s and above-earth radiation. Having personal or office PEMF systems can be a relatively cheap antidote, improving productivity, staff retention and the bottom line.

Magnetic Therapy Can Help Business Travellers With Jetlag and Fatigue

Frequent Travel


A recent study at the universities of Surrey and Lund found that frequent travelers are at higher risk of circulatory issues (deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks and stroke), premature aging and a compromised immune system. They experience greater stress, disruption of sleep and circadian rhythms, and high levels of radiation. Fortunately, PEMF can help with many of these issues — especially if you’re doing regular long flights across many time zones.