About the Life Mat Company

The Life Mat Company is one of the UK’s leading independent specialists in PEMF systems, and supplies customers worldwide. Based in Brighton, we are a small family-run business headed by a therapist with extensive experience in PEMF and a wide range of health issues. We give strong after-sales support and extensive advice to ensure that you get the maximum return from your PEMF investment.

Life Mat Owner Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe


The owner and therapist at Life Mat, Paul has an M.A. plus an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology. He is a full member of the British Complementary Medicine Association and for several years worked as a therapist in Harley Street, London. His therapy interests and training began in the 1980’s and 1990’s while working in Hong Kong and Tokyo.


After training in the Chinese and Japanese energy systems, Chi Gong and Reiki, Paul soon moved on to modern healing technologies and trained in a wide range of modalities: “I’ve always been a gadget lover but I was amazed at how these new health technologies could reduce suffering and improve people’s lives.


I spent tens of thousands of pounds, and years of study and research, exploring the best systems I could find. Eventually I narrowed it down to a few that worked really well. Of these, PEMF became my favorite for helping clients to help themselves. It can treat the whole body, it’s great for pain management and it’s easy for anyone to use.


Personally, it’s given me more energy and deeper sleep, and it’s there when I really need it. After falling onto our driveway from a step ladder, it helped me bounce back in a few days from an injury that could have left me limping for months or years. For 18 months, I had occasional pain but it was easily managed with the iMRS probe. Now it’s been over a year since it bothered me. “

Our Vision


Today’s medical systems are overwhelmed by virtual epidemics of “lifestyle” diseases. Yet serious disease and dementia are not inevitable results of ageing. Depression and burn-out are not inevitable results of modern work.


Coupled with good diet and exercise, our vision is for electromagnetic therapy to alleviate the suffering, and improve the lives, of as many people as possible. At least we can help those prepared to listen, with an open mind, and the determination to do something about it.

PEMF Would Benefit Countless People

Our Customers


As the Life Mat name has spread, we’ve supplied systems to people across many walks of life. These include working and retired doctors and consultants, accountants, actors, acupuncturists, artists, athletes, authors, barristers, beauty clinics, chefs, chiropractors, classical musicians, complementary clinics, CEO’s, decorators, dentists, designers, engineers, equine therapists, farmers, film producers, headhunters, horse and pet owners, IT specialists, management coaches, nutritionists, oil rig workers, osteopaths, personal trainers, physiotherapists, pilots, pre-school nurseries, psychologists, psychotherapists, publishers, rock musicians, school teachers, social workers, solicitors, sports clubs, street market traders, therapists in bowen, cranial sacral, homeopathy, myofascial, reflexology and reiki, university tutors, yoga teachers…


Many of these people bought their Life Mat system to help with pain and health problems, for themselves or to help family members. For many others, it was a way of optimising their quality of life and productivity.

Customer Support


Our order system is fast and efficient, and orders are usually shipped first thing on the following business day. Once your system has arrived, it’s simple to set up and we’ll give you extensive advice on getting the best out of it. And if you struggle with user manuals and anything technical, don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes and we’ll patiently guide you through it.


We are regularly thanked for the range and quality of advice that we give our customers. This covers how to get the best from their Life Mat system and how to use it as part of an overall approach to health maintenance. And we also have a reputation for helping our customers well after the initial order — we genuinely want to help but we also like to hear what you’ve experienced in using your system.


Unlike some in the PEMF industry, we will not capture your details through a website landing page, and then bombard you with sales calls and emails.

Life Mat Shipping



We have very few equipment returns, reflected in the fact that our manufacturer offers optional extended guarantees of up to eight years.


Although they are not a huge company, they are still the largest PEMF manufacturer worldwide, and have been able to invest in an efficient customer service function (and a massive increase in shipping and storage capacity in Switzerland in 2016).


Most often, units in need of repair are simply replaced, and the whole process usually takes no more than a few days. And at Life Mat, we pride ourselves on a fast response to any problems that arise.