Why Life Mat?

For almost 15 years, Life Mat has supplied PEMF mats to customers in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

We believe the best way to supply this incredible technology is an honest and compassionate approach within the wider field of Energy Medicine technology.

We’ve helped and trained many clinics and small distributors who are honest and principled people, often skilled therapists themselves.

However, some of the most prominent PEMF outlets routinely:

  • Tell you to buy the highest intensity PEMF machine you can afford (even if it may cause you problems). See our PEMF Machines Guide for detailed advice on this.
  • Sell poorly-made systems with short lifespans and little manufacturer support.
  • Claim to be Energy Medicine experts yet have no experience as EM therapists and reject some of the most useful therapies.
  • Employ eager sales people totally unable to give proper advice, consultations or training.

In our experience:

  • Low intensities and frequencies work best for most home users, especially when treating the whole body. This avoids overloading the central nervous system, which is central to many mental health issues and major diseases.
  • PEMF doesn’t have all the answers. Sometimes a different technology, or a combination of technologies, is better.
  • For a PEMF system to be fully effective, it’s vital to get an expert consultation and supply a tailored protocol. Based on real experience.

Who we are

Based in Brighton, UK, the Life Mat Company is a leading global supplier of PEMF mat systems. We’re also a small family business specialising in the Swiss-made iMRS and iMRS Prime series from Swiss Bionic Solutions. And we’re headed by Paul Lowe, a PEMF specialist with wide experience of many other PEMF systems and Energy Medicine therapies.

About the Life Mat Company lifemat
Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe

The owner and therapist at Life Mat, Paul has an M.A. degree, plus an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and is a full member of the British Complementary Medicine Association.

Paul has almost 20 years experience as an Energy Medicine therapist and for several years worked at a clinic in London’s famous Harley Street medical district. He has represented Swiss Bionic in the UK for almost 15 years, becoming one of their most experienced distributors and trainers worldwide.

His therapy interests began in the 1990’s while working in Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. After training in the ancient Chinese and Japanese energy systems, Chi Gong and Reiki, Paul soon moved on to modern healing technologies, training under world leaders in several of the most effective cognitive and energy medicine therapies:

In 2003 I developed very painful frozen shoulders, both sides, and had to stop driving. The therapies I’d first trained in were just not powerful enough. My doctor said it could take years to resolve and offered short-lived cortisone injections, or surgery. That’s when I found my first Energy Medicine technology. After 15 treatments, I was back to normal and there’s never been a repeat of it since then.

Over the years, I discovered several more of these technologies. They were reducing suffering and improving lives. I trained in ten of them and in six cognitive therapies. I spent tens of thousands of pounds, years of study and research, exploring the best I could find.

Eventually, I found PEMF and it soon took over. It’s easy to use, in your own home. It’s great for pain, stress and overall health. I still recommend the other therapies at times but usually one of our PEMF mat systems is enough.

Personally, it’s given me more energy and deeper sleep, and it’s there when I need it. In 2015, I fell from a step ladder onto my left sacroiliac joint. With PEMF, I bounced back in a few days from an injury that I’ve treated other people for years later. In 2017, I had severe tendinitis in both knees after too much exercise. Ten days of twice-a-day PEMF took it away.

I’ve had many, many clients with results far more compelling than these but the point is, PEMF works. If you have any doubts, just give me a call or spend a few hours browsing the thousands of PEMF clinical studies on the U.S. government Pubmed database.”

Our Services

Initial Advice

We don’t leave this to non-therapist sales people. An experienced, qualified, registered therapist will help you from the start and give you objective advice on your options.

Choosing a System

We’ve owned enough PEMF systems to say that some are unsuitable for regular home use. We don’t offer such systems, and we tailor the choice to your individual needs.

Consultations + Protocols

These can be crucial, especially with chronic health issues. They require years of hands-on experience (in our case, almost 20 years) and if needed, we’ll refer you to a specialist.


Every client is offered at least two hours of free consultations and training. We’ve trained many therapists and clinics, and supply them with free training in PEMF therapy and advice on other Energy Medicine therapies.

Our Products

Safety and Reliability

Our Swiss-engineered systems have some of the highest certifications in our industry. We have very few equipment returns, reflected in our warranties of up to five years, and we still support 10-years-old systems.

Value for Money

Our systems aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive. But once you’ve used multiple PEMF devices (as we have) you realize our systems are especially good value for their state-of-the-art technology, build quality and effectiveness.

Based on Nature

They treat the whole body with the same gentle parameters as Earth’s magnetic field. Instead of the artificially high intensities and frequencies found in many systems, we use basic principles of resonance and entrainment.

Ease of Use

Our systems may look complex but they’re designed for use by all ages and levels of technological savvy. You can start at a basic level in a few minutes. They’re easily folded, carried or stored away.

Our Approach


Today’s medical systems are overwhelmed by epidemics of “lifestyle” diseases. Yet depression, burn-out, disease and dementia are not inevitable results of ageing or modern work. Coupled with good diet and exercise, our vision is for electromagnetic therapy, and Energy Medicine in general, to help reduce suffering and improve as many lives as possible. At least we can help those with an open mind and the will to act.

(Relaxed) Marketing

Most of our clients come from word-of-mouth recommendations. Unlike some PEMF suppliers, you won’t find much from us on social media (we have other priorities than pumping out thousands of Facebook ads every month!) And if you contact us, we won’t harrass you with emails and cold calling, or share your details with anyone else.

Customer Support

Our order system and customer support are fast and efficient. Our systems are simple to set up and we’ll help if you struggle with something. We’re regularly thanked for our advice and for helping customers well after the initial order — we genuinely want to help and to hear what you’ve experienced.

Global Distribution

Since Swiss Bionic hold stocks in Asia, Europe and North America, we can supply PEMF systems to almost any country. At Life Mat, we have clients in over 30 countries and our prices, shipping costs and technical support are at least as good as local distributors. What is usually different is the level of experience, consultations and training. Paul has worked for about 10 years each in Asia, Europe and North America, adjusting to many cultural and language differences.