iMRS Prime + iMRS2000

Advanced Hybrid PEMF

What is the iMRS Prime? How does it re-define PEMF?

Over the past 15 years, we’ve owned many PEMF machines but since 2008, our top choice has been the iMRS series from Swiss Bionic Solutions: first the MRS 2000 VL, then the MRS 2000 Designo, then the iMRS and now the iMRS Prime.

Why we originally chose Swiss Bionic and the iMRS

  • A long track record of effectiveness across a wide range of users and levels of health.
  • Safety and cellular resonance from low-intensity, low-frequency Earth-based PEMF fields.
  • Basic bio-feedback to match the user’s state of health with the signal.
  • Product reliability; levels of warranty and support.
  • Range of functions and accessories.

How the iMRS Prime is a major upgrade from the iMRS

  • Optional hybrid energy field: PEMF boosted by advanced Far Infra Red.
  • Spot applicator replaces probe: double pads create a concentrated Helmholz field.
  • Seven Fast Start programs give instant access to signal combinations that match your changing daily needs.
  • Advanced brain entrainment synchronized with the Fast Start programs.
  • Advanced biofeedback and health monitoring with heart rate variability and blood oxygen saturation analysis.
  • Split Mode: two or more applicators (two mats, two spots, two pads, one spot and one pad) can be used at the same time.
  • Much improved on-screen user interface with totally new software apps for every aspect of the system.
  • A powerful signal generator to increase upgradeability and create any waveform, frequency range and pulse configuration.
  • Significantly upgraded design, construction and materials.
  • Further upgradeability through multiple in/out ports, downloadable software updates and powerful dual processors.

The combination of technologies in the iMRS Prime takes it to a totally different level of PEMF device, unlike anything else available today. The iMRS Prime Hybrid Set in particular is one of the most powerful forms of relaxation, rejuvenation and stress relief ever developed.

For an in-depth description of what it offers, please go to the iMRS Prime Features page.

iMRS Prime Components

iMRS Prime Control Unit

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat

Central to the iMRS Prime is a control unit comprising a touch-screen display inside a solid aluminium casing and stand. It looks a little like an iMac computer but it’s small enough to fit into a small shoulder bag.

Here you set all the functions and settings of the system. It’s been designed to be user-friendly and you’ll be using it within minutes. Sessions can be started with as little as pushing two buttons.

  • Case and pedestal in bronze titanium finish brushed aluminium
  • 10.2″ capacitive touch screen display
  • One-cable connection to the Connector Box
  • Two internal speakers
  • Two USB sockets (for upgrades, firmware updates and more)
  • Two headphone sockets

iMRS Prime Connector Box

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat

Made of the same brushed aluminium, the iMRS Prime Connector Box is both a hub and the brains of the system. It delivers future proofing through two powerful processors capable of creating any type of PEMF signal, and by doubling the number of input/output ports from five to ten. Keeping the control unit free of cable clutter, it connects to it through one long cable. 

  • A microprocessor capable of handling multiple inputs and outputs
  • 2 digital-analogue converters to handle different programs running simultaneously
  • 6 applicator ports (to run multiple applicators at the same time)
  • 2 multi-pin ports (for Exagon Sense devices)
  • 2 USB ports (for Exagon Brain devices)
  • Medical-grade click-in applicator sockets

iMRS Prime Full-Body Mat

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat

The main treatment device in the iMRS Prime is a cushioned whole-body-length mat. When you lie on it, the mat bathes the entire body, and all its internal systems, in a pulsed electro magnetic field, using a complex “sawtooth” signal. The mat’s field is further modulated by a cycle of natural Earth-based frequencies (determined by the time of day), including the Schumann Resonance.

While other components are very useful for localised pain relief, tissue repair and stress relief, daily treatments on the mat are at the heart of using the iMRS for improved health, prevention and well being. By affecting every system in the body, mat sessions can help with a wide range of health issues but especially with boosting energy levels and quality of sleep, speeding up metabolism, and improving circulation, oxygenation and neurological functions.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Applicator Surface

Again the iMRS Prime mat is a major improvement on that of its predecessor, the iMRS. It is still covered with a strong, durable, washable material but now has an embossed surface texture that makes it warmer and more comfortable to lie on (even before the comfort level is increased further by adding Far Infra Red on the Hybrid version).

The Prime’s mat measures 170 cm x 59 cm x 4.5 cm thick (68″ x 23″ x 1.75″). It contains three pairs of copper coils configured to have the weakest field at the head end (from 0.09 to 17.50 microTesla) and the strongest at the feet (from 0.27 to 45 microTesla).

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat

With the iMRS Prime Hybrid system, the standard PEMF mat is replaced by a PEMF and Far Infra Red mat. Using an additional layer of carbon fibre mesh, the Hybrid mat is the first of its kind to combine a pure PEMF signal with next-generation FIR technology. The FIR field dramatically complements the effects of PEMF in boosting circulation and re-energising and opening pathways in the cell membranes.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat

As with all the Prime’s applicators, the mat also has a small LED lamp on its edge that changes colour, from blue to green to blue, as its field changes polarity every two minutes, and to red if it has a fault. Divided into three hinged panels, it is easy to fold and store, and can easily tuck into a corner or under a bed or be carried in an optional shoulder bag.

Exagon Pad Applicator

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Pad applicator

Every level of iMRS Prime system contains a cushioned pad measuring 58 cm x 34 cm x 4 cm (23″ x 13.5″ x 1.5″). The pad contains two of the same copper coils used in the whole body mat, but with a different, square-wave, signal, and a maximum intensity of 65 microTesla. Larger than the previous iMRS pad, its coverage area is especially useful for treating the whole back, but also other major body areas, such as the chest and abdomen, usually at higher intensities than you would use on the mat.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Pad in use

The pad is particularly useful for treating stress and tension in the shoulders and back, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis and myofascial complaints, sore muscles following intense exercise, arthritis in major joints, and for speeding up the repair of bone fractures, cartilage and muscle tears. It is also useful for supporting the work of various organs in the body.

Exagon Spot Applicator

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Spot applicator

Included with iMRS Prime Advanced, Expert, Hybrid and Trial systems, the Spot applicator replaces the probe included with the old iMRS and MRS 2000 systems. The spot measures 32 cm x 14 cm x 3 cm (17″ x 5.5″ x 1.25″). It has two coils in two pads connected by a flat velcro-fixed connector strap.

This allows it to focus more intense energy onto small areas of pain or dysfunction: either one coil over a small area such as the mouth, a sinus, jaw or single organ, or two coils wrapped around a hand, foot, shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist or ankle.

When the Spot is wrapped, the coils are placed opposite each other and generate a Helmholtz Effect (a concentrated magnetic field), which doubles the effects of the PEMF field in that area. In the image below, two Spot applicators are being used to treat both knees simultaneously.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Spot double applicators in use

This focused power can be especially useful for chronic pain or dysfunction, and we all suffer injuries and wounds from time to time. For minor soft tissue or even joint injuries, the Spot’s top intensity can be extremely effective — when used immediately after the event, it’s not unusual to see pain vanishing within minutes, or at least within a day or two. For more dense structures like cartilage and bone fractures, repairs will take longer but are usually still much faster than normal.

Like the pad, the Spot uses a square-wave signal and is typically used at much higher intensities than the mat. The mat and pad have peak outputs of 45 and 65 microTesla (0.45 and 0.65 gauss), while the Spot can reach 300 microTesla (3 gauss), making it by far the strongest of the three iMRS Prime applicators.

Exagon Sense – Bio-feedback Sensor

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Sense

The i (for intelligent) in the iMRS or iMRS Prime name is a reference to the Exagon Sense attachment: it turns the whole system into an automatic, continuous, self-regulating bio-feedback loop. Although it’s an optional accessory, the Exagon Sense is one of the most important tools through which the iMRS Prime reaches its full potential.

The Sense is an optical measuring device which clips onto your finger and measures your Heart Rate Variability (HRV, the fluctuating time interval between each pair of heartbeats). An algorithm inside the system uses this measurement to decide an appropriate PEMF field strength from the mat.

The same was true of the iMORE device with the old iMRS system, but the Sense device and system is far more advanced. For the first time, it now becomes possible to fine-tune the PEMF field according to the user’s changing needs, store the data for up to a year, analyse it through advanced HRV software, and simultaneously monitor blood oxygen levels.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Sense in use

The result is a tuning-up of your autonomic nervous system (ANS) during every session. If, over time (this is not a quick fix), your HRV function is steadily improved, then your body is moved towards its highest potential for adapting to stress, affecting its ability to repair itself and re-establish health and wellness.

The Sense also measures oxygen levels in your blood (SpO2). Its light wave detects variations in the blood’s colour, which indicate the degree of oxygen saturation. A normal reading is from 95 to 100% (of oxygenated vs un-oxygenated haemoglobin).

All PEMF systems help to improve circulation, and blood oxygen levels can rise by 2-3 percentage points during an iMRS Prime session. The Exagon Sense now lets you see the extent of this during each session.

Exagon Brain – Brain Entrainment Device

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Brain

The iMRS Prime’s Sound and Light System is the perfect complement to both the main system and the Exagon Sense. The Exagon Brain helps to melt away stress, and improve emotional balance, mental focus and clarity — like a spa for the brain.

While the mat is bathing your whole body in a rejuvenating field, the Exagon Brain helps to increase its effects by producing deeper relaxation and helping you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.

Unlike the longer-term effects of the Sense, the Brain is a quick fix, usually producing instant relaxation. This is important: many clinical studies have shown that stress is a key factor in most serious diseases.

The Brain device comprises eye pads, headphone sockets and a built-in music player. You can use either the headphones of your choice or we can advise you on a particularly suitable type.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Exagon Brain in use

It achieves a deep level of brain entrainment by combining four modalities:

  • Brain entrainment through flickering lights – helps the brain move into, for example, the Alpha and Theta waves where learning, intuition, visualisation and idea generation are generally found.
  • Brain entrainment through binaural beats – another decades-old technology used in relaxation, meditation and learning.
  • Music therapy – download your chosen tracks to build a library of healing, relaxing music. We can supply you with lists of music for different purposes: healing, meditation, learning, etc.
  • Colour therapy – choose any colour combination to come from the LED lights. Different colours are shown to have different effects on moods, energy levels, motivation and cognitive performance.

iMRS Prime Prices + Shipping

We ship worldwide and can quote prices and shipping for almost any country. Our manufacturer, Swiss Bionic, sets the prices and shipping for us and all other distributors, so if you find a lower price somewhere, it’s bogus and usually second-hand — the manufacturer will only complete a sale at the official price for delivery in that country. What determines the price and currency applied is the location we are shipping to.

The main differences between distributors are not in the prices they quote, or where in the world they’re located, but levels of experience and knowledge, and the quality of training being offered.

In the UK in 2023, iMRS Prime systems start at £2708 (plus VAT) for the Basic model, rising to £4995 for our favorite, the iMRS Prime Hybrid Set, and £5781 for the iMRS Prime Trial Set designed for specialist therapists and researchers.

In mainland Europe, our pricing is generally in Euros, and prices are slightly different for every country to reflect their different VAT levels. In Germany, they start at €3894 for an iMRS Prime Basic system, while the same system is €3992 in Italy. In the rest of Europe, outside the EU, prices are free of VAT and start from €3272.

We have local currency rates for the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, and in most of the rest of the world, pricing is in U.S. Dollars, starting from US$4827.

We often have time-limited special offers which give by far the best prices on selected systems. If there is an offer available currently, it will usually be shown on the Special offers page but if you give us a call, we’ll confirm what’s available and answer your questions.

The other most economical way to buy an iMRS Prime is by ordering the Brain and Sense accessories at the start, forming a heavily discounted Prime Set. See the section on sets below for more information.


Shipping is calculated separately, depending on the type of system and where it is being shipped to.

For example, an iMRS Prime system or set shipped from Germany to the UK will cost £65 using FedEx economy service, and this generally takes around a week following receipt of your order.

In mainland Europe, shipping rates vary depending on the country, but generally an iMRS Prime system costs a little over €30 to ship to countries inside the EU and just over $85 for those outside.

We also ship worldwide and provide global support, so please ask if you want to know the shipping rates for your country. Rates to non-EU European countries, the Middle East and Africa, North and South America and Asia vary widely. Depending on the country, we may use DHL, FedEx or UPS. We always ship from the nearest warehouse to where you are and we always seek the best option available, so shipping will not cost any more than if you were ordering through a local distributor.

iMRS Prime / iMRS 2000 Systems

iMRS Prime Basic System

A stripped-down entry-level version, comprising just the control unit, connector box, mat and pad, with the top intensity, fast start programs and 1-60 minutes timer, but without the most powerful applicator, the Spot attachment.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Basic System

iMRS Prime Advanced System

Includes everything in the Basic system, plus the Spot applicator. This is a smaller but more powerful double pad for localised pain and tissue repair. It’s especially useful for those who have some chronic pain or dysfunction, but also to have on hand for when you injure yourself.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Advanced System

iMRS Prime Expert System

Includes everything in the Advanced system, plus:

  • The iGuide database (upgraded) of hundreds of health issues with the optimal settings for supporting the body with each – especially useful for therapists and clinics, but also used by many home users.
  • The Split Mode, which allows for two applicators to be used at the same time. That means for instance one user using two Spots, one on each knee or elbow, or one half of the Spot treating each sacroiliac joint and the pad treating the length of the spine. Or two users using two different mats, two Bio-feedback systems and two Brain Entrainment systems, each on its own individual settings.

Please note that while the Prime Basic, Advanced and Expert levels can be upgraded from one to another, this is not available with the Prime Hybrid and Trial; you would need to order them at the time of your initial order.

iMRS Prime Hybrid System

Includes everything in the Expert, plus a new type of mat that combines PEMF with carbon-fibre-based Far Infra Red energy. The sensation from these combined technologies is like floating.

And when combined with Heart Rate Variability and Brain Entrainment (in the iMRS Prime Hybrid Set), the sensation of deeper relaxation and healing may be unlike anything you’ve experienced before — at Life Mat, we call it the Bliss Package!

iMRS Prime Trial System

This top-of-the-range system includes everything in the Hybrid system, plus a new signal generator. Designed for practitioners and researchers, this enables them to duplicate PEMF signals used in research studies or by other PEMF machine manufacturers, or to invent their own.

The system’s Heart Rate Variability storage and analysis functions then become a valuable way of assessing and monitoring the body’s reactions and progress in response to these experimental signals.

iMRS Prime Sets

Each of these main systems can also be upgraded (at a steep discount if they’re part of your initial order) in the form of an iMRS Prime Set. Each of these sets adds on the Exagon Sense and Exagon Brain accessories. These are far more advanced versions of the iMORE and iSLRS systems available on the old iMRS system.

Both the Sense and the Brain are well worth considering for their ability to reduce stress levels (and deepen the effects of the PEMF field) and for the Sense’s ability to determine which settings suit the user best.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime Advanced Set

The combined discount from ordering them as a set is so large that it’s sometimes a no-brainer to prioritise this as the first form of system upgrade.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat

iMRS Prime – Packs + Bundles

iMRS Prime systems and sets can also be ordered as packs and bundles. Here are two examples:

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime double pack

With Split Mode now available on the iMRS Prime Expert, Hybrid and Trial models, it’s possible to run a second set of applicators and accessories off one control unit and connector box.

This allows more than one person to have a treatment simultaneously, which can be very useful at certain times of the day, especially before bed-time. It also enables a single user to use more than one of the same applicator at the same time, which is especially relevant for abdominal treatments and local areas of pain and dysfunction.

iMRS Prime + iMRS2000 - Systems lifemat
iMRS Prime family bundle

We’re sometimes asked if there are further savings when making multiple orders for systems and sets. These are usually linked orders within the same month for a group of family members, friends or colleagues, or when one person wants to gift systems to others close to them.

Please call us if you want a quote for one of these bundles.

iMRS Prime Common Questions

Is it Easy to Use?

The control unit can look challenging at first, with several on-screen buttons. This graphical interface is actually very easy to use. For a typical session using Fast Start settings, the user only needs to touch three cleary-labeled buttons to start a session.

To adjust it to your personal needs can take as little as three more buttons for intensity, duration and choice of applicator, or (with the Prime Expert level, you can just select whatever health issue you want to support by using the iGuide database).

Certainly the iMRS Prime’s top level, the Trial, is much more complex, offering the potential for altering the basic PEMF signal in various ways and requiring some in-depth training (we have video modules for this).

But for the average user, any apparent complexity usually disappears after one or two uses, and the Prime now has the advantage that it remembers your basic settings from one session to the next.

How Long is the iMRS Warranty?

All the main systems come with a three year global guarantee covering full exchange of the control unit and applicators, and free shipping back to the customer. Accessories are covered for six months. An extended warranty on the main system, with the same level of coverage, is also available at £379.00 for an extra two years.

Is it Well Made and Reliable?

Our manufacturer, Swiss Bionic Solutions, is an ISO certified company and their PEMF devices are FDA registered and carry a CE certification. More importantly, they get regular independent audits of their manufacturing and documentation. The iMRS is manufactured in accordance with the EC directive for medical devices, and made from high-grade, long-lasting materials. We see very few requests for repairs.

With the release of the Prime, they have moved to an even higher level of certification, in line with new regulatory requirements that started to appear in 2020. Our products are now some of the most closely inspected and certified PEMF machines in the world.

How Long Can I Expect It To Last?

Based on our experience with the previous iMRS and MRS2000 systems, an iMRS Prime system should last for many years under normal daily use. This is underscored by the fact that SBS offer warranties on it of up to 5 years.

Our systems compare extremely well with most electrical devices and computerised devices, partly because there are no moving parts and almost no maintenance, servicing or re-callibration is required. We have an MRS2000 system (predecessor to the iMRS) from over 10 years ago and when we turn it on from time to time, it still works and has never needed repairs. SBS try to support old, discontinued systems like the iMRS and the iMRS2000 even many years after they went out of production, although obviously stocks of replacement parts won’t continue indefinitely.

One feature of the Prime is that the applicators and the connector box have two-way communication; if there is a problem with an applicator, it will be detected by the system processor and the light indicator on the applicator will turn red to notify you of a problem. The iMRS Prime firmware also has self-diagnostic functions for us to pin down where a problem is located.

Finally, the iMRS Prime is easily upgradeable, in terms of higher product levels or new firmware, through remote downloads. This gives it a very good measure of “future-proofing” as new programs are developed.

Does the Prime Use Graduated Intensities?

Yes, the iMRS Prime offers eight levels of field intensity, from an extremely low 0.09 microTesla on the sensitive setting with the mat, up to a reasonably strong 300 microTesla on the 400 setting with the spot. Using the same intensity settings, the field is stronger with the spot than with the pad or the mat. The mat is also further graduated with a lower field (using fewer copper coil windings) from the head-end panel, and a much higher field from the feet-end panel.

Does it Have a Bio-Rhythm Clock?

Yes, using the main brainwave frequencies, it configures a different output for each six hours in a 24-hour day, corresponding with the dominant brainwave frequencies of the circadian rhythm: energetic and alert in the early morning, changing gradually to sleepy and relaxed at night.

The clock setting can be over-ridden at any time in order to address specific needs, e.g. for those needing to be alert and energised for late-night work or to help offset jet-lag. You can further choose exactly what level of energizing, relaxing, sleep-inducing setting you want through the Fast Start programs, available at the press of one one-screen button.

What Type of Coils Does it Use?

The iMRS Prime contains solid copper coils throughout, three pairs in the full-length mat, one pair in the pad, and two separate coils in the spot. The coils are surrounded by plenty of padding, both to protect the coils from metal fatigue and to make the mat as comfortable as possible to lie down on.

Does it Use Earth-Based Frequencies and Intensities?

Yes. Here’s how that works. The field emitted by PEMF systems is generally used as a carrier for a bundle or spread of frequencies. In the case of the iMRS systems, this has always been configured as a narrow range from a peak of 15Hz in the morning down to a low of 0.5Hz at night. This stays well within the frequency range found in Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere (including the Schumann Resonances) and in human brainwaves. 

Regarding field intensities, again the iMRS mat is designed to match what is found in Nature: it ranges from a low of 0.09 microTesla to a high of 45 microTesla, depending on the chosen intensity setting and the different sections of the mat (highest at the feet, lowest at the head).

This compares with Earth’s magnetic field, which averages barely 50 microTesla and varyies from peaks of around 66 microTesla at the north and south poles to lows of around 26 microTesla at the equator.

We sometimes get asked: “Doesn’t this mean that the iMRS field is un-naturally high when using the pad or spot?” (which go up to peaks of 65 microTesla and 300 microTesla respectively). The answer is that matching Nature’s field intensities only really matters when treating the whole body using the mat.

Only the spot’s highest intensities truly exceed the range of Earth’s magnetic field, and the spot is only used for localised treatments. In addition, the highest intensities are generally used only for acute pain and tissue damage, and not on a long-term daily basis.

Unless the individual is very sensitive to electro-magnetic fields, even the highest intensities are unlikely to cause any problems when used from time to time as needed (and if they do, or if you have any concerns about using them, then you can just dial them down, even to levels that are a tiny fraction of Earth’s magnetic field).

How Portable is the iMRS?

An entire iMRS Prime Hybrid Set weighs only 11 kilograms and can be easily carried in its optional travel bags. The mat is divided into three jointed sections, taking the guesswork out of where to fold it and making it easy to quickly fold into a zig zag cross section, for storage or carrying in the travel shoulder bag. The other, smaller components (control unit, connector box, power adapter, Spot, Brain and Sense devices fit into a small hand grip bag). These two optional iMRS Prime travel bags are made of attractive and strong rip-stop fabric.

Can my pets use the iMRS?

Many families share their iMRS system with their pets, placing a pet blanket on top to keep it in good condition. Large dogs will use the mat on their own, small ones and cats often snuggle up with their owners. Placing the pet’s blanket on top will keep the applicators hygeinic and un-marked.

Localised problems, such as painful joints, are best addressed using the spot, and for the smallest animals, lying on the pad can be especially convenient. For larger animals like horses and cows, we make an equine version that connects the control box to two large panels either side of the animal.

There are so many ways these systems can help your pet’s overall health and well being that you’re likely to at least see a saving in vet’s bills. Be aware, however, that especially with serious health conditions, you should first have a vet’s approval before treating the pet yourself.

Can I use it while driving?

The iMRS Prime offers far more sophisticated functions than its predecessors, requiring a different type of power input. So this is one of the applications for which you would need an Omnium1 system, which runs off a large internal battery.

Some of our customers do this to maximise usage and especially when the driver has back pain, or needs some extra energy during a long drive. Obviously you can’t use the mat in a car seat, but if you set it up safely, the pad or spot can be used behind the driver’s back, and for various applications with passengers. Some families even use it routinely for treating children on the way to and from sports training and matches.

Is the iMRS the same as an iMRS2000?

This is a common question. Despite many ads offering an “official” “iMRS2000” or “iMRS 2000 Prime”, the only real product is the iMRS Prime, manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solutions. The confusion comes from some sellers re-naming the product by combining several old and new product names: the earlier MRS2000 system, the iMRS which replaced it in 2010 and the iMRS Prime which replaced that in 2020. Both the MRS 2000 and the iMRS have been discontinued, although we still supply product support and advice.

The MRS2000 (actually called the MRS2000+ designo) which we used to supply and which went out of production before the iMRS appeared, had a larger and heavier control unit, and a whole-body mat that was more bulky and difficult to fold. It also lacked the “intelligent” part of its successor, the iMRS — the ability to interact with a bio-feedback device as a continuous feedback loop. Both the MRS2000 and the iMRS also had a probe that was less convenient and adaptable than the spot applicator in the iMRS Prime. As you’ll read in other parts of this page, and on the iMRS Prime Features page, the iMRS Prime also has a huge range of other improvements beyond the iMRS that it replaced.

Whatever you see offered, whatever it’s called, wherever in the world it is, the only official product is the iMRS Prime: made in Switzerland, shipped from Germany, using price lists for each country and region which are set by its manufacturer, Swiss Bionic Solutions.

iMRS Prime System Specifications

  • Field intensities: 0.09 to 65 microTesla (0.65 gauss) on the mat and pad. Up to 300 microTesla (3 gauss) with the spot applicator.
  • Graduated intensity: the mat is three times stronger at the feet than at the head.
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 32 HZ.
  • Bio-rhythm frequencies: 0.5Hz, 3HZ, 7,5HZ, 15Hz.
  • Waveform: Sawtooth on whole body mat, Square Wave on pad and spot applicators.
  • Polarity: Switches every two minutes.
  • Sound and Light frequencies: identical to the mat, synchronised for maximum benefit.
  • Power voltage: auto-adjusting 100-240V AC.
  • Control unit: 26 cm (W) x 17 cm (H) x 15 cm (D).
  • Connector box: 16 cm x 16 cm x 4cm.
  • Full body mat: 170 cm x 59 cm x 4.5 cm.
  • Pad: 58 cm x 33 cm x 4 cm.
  • Spot: 32 cm x 14 cm x 3 cm.
  • System weight: approximately 11 kg (iMRS Prime Hybrid Set).
  • Shipping weight (including packing box): 15 kg

iMRS User Comments

”Using the Life Mat has turned my life around. I’ve been able to put a lot more energy into work. It’s unbelievable, I just feel better all over. You’ve been very professional in helping me and I can’t thank you enough.” Dean Tonkin, Market Trader, Surrey

”For me, the Lifemat is aptly named as it simply gave me my life back. I went from a 65 year old hardly able to walk any distance to a 70 year old who has just bought a new, sportier bicycle.” Linda Wright, Retiree, Gloucestershire

“I was in constant back pain.. caused by loss of bone density. I had to use a stick to walk even a short distance. I bought an iMRS system (and) after two months the stick is in the cupboard, I’m back at work and walking normally.” Jackie Thomas, Business trainer, Merseyside

”The mat system has changed so much in my body. I’ve felt fantastic. It was incredible how much it speeded up the healing process.” Lucienne Atkinson, Company owner, Yorkshire

”The mat has been fantastic. I still get tired but now I don’t feel ill much of the day. The most amazing difference has been with my sleep.”  Caroline White, Hampshire

”I’ve been running on empty for quite a while. Enter PEMF. Since my treatments, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. My energy is better and my mood has improved.” Angela Scanlon, BBC Broadcaster + Presenter, London (in Marie Claire magazine)

The iMRS has significantly improved my health. I can particularly recommend buying through Lifemat as they have considerable experience of using PEMF and their advice was very valuable.” Dave Nockels, Retired Pilot, Oxfordshire

”The Life Mat has been incredible. This is the best I’ve felt in years, like I’m in someone else’s body!” Gael Scott, Retiree, Carmarthenshire

”My hot flushes have eased considerably, and I just feel a lot better. It’s changed my life.” Teresa Allen, Therapist, Isle of Wight

”My father, at 84, went from no energy, sleeping most of the day, to helping in the house and going out for independent walks.” Denise Conroy, Nutritionist, Glasgow

”We are a family of 4, aged 11 to 44 (with two systems). I highly recommend it. The results for us have been amazing.” Samantha Forrest, Business owner, Essex