Is PEMF therapy always safe to use?

Does PEMF have any contra-indications?

PEMF is an extremely safe therapy in most situations but you are conservatively advised to not use it with these conditions:

  • During pregnancy
  • With epilepsy
  • When a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant has been fitted
  • Following an organ transplant

And it should only be used with the approval of a doctor, and under their supervision, in case of:

  • Presence of tumors
  • Serious cardiac arrhythmia
  • Acute attacks of hyperthyroidism
  • Extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields

Precautions lifemat

Precautions lifemat

Can PEMF do harm, cause pain or trigger a heatling reaction?

The only way it can cause any pain is when an old injury or other condition is not fully resolved: as the cells become more energised, they may try to resolve the problem, causing pain in the same place as the original injury. We don’t see this often but it can happen, briefly, from time to time.

The body can also go through a short de-toxifying phase, which is usually just a day or two of fatigue and cold-like symptoms. Overall around 10% of our clients with chronic symptoms will see an initial healing reaction, especially if they have been receiving medication for a long time. If this happens, drink plenty of water, and get lots of rest and sleep. Such phases are usually followed by increased energy and a sense of well being.

There are no other negative side effects documented from using PEMF, especially at the low intensity and frequency levels used by the Life Mat. It simply re-creates the same type of energy, with the same un-adulterated frequencies, as would have been experienced by humans living in Earth’s magnetic field thousands of years ago. This energy is crucial to life on Earth — experiments have shown that the body starts to close down when totally shielded from it.

With people who have a complex, long-standing issue, especially of a neurological type, or a very nervous disposition, we recommend a slow, cautious approach to avoid the risk of an overly strong healing reaction. The Life Mat has a “Sensitive” setting which we often advise such individuals to use initially. Even using this weaker magnetic field, they will still have desirable effects, and gradually tolerate higher levels.

You can not overdose by going on the Life Mat too long or too often (but you can certainly waste your time: the body will not benefit from having treatments more than every few hours). We have had clients who crank up the system’s intensity to high levels, against our advice but we don’t recommend this in terms of potentially over-stimulating the body.