PEMF, Magnets and EMF’s

PEMF is very different from static magnets and electro smog

How is PEMF different from magnetic mattresses and bracelets?

Static magnets, the type used in magnetic mattresses and bracelets, have been used in healing for thousands of years (in the form of magnetite crystals). PEMF systems do not use magnets but pass a pulsing electric current through metal coils to generate an electromagnetic field.

It’s testament to how much we react to magnetic fields that even the simplest, crudest form of magnetic therapy can be effective, especially for short-term relief, and especially for activating shallow-depth tissues and acupuncture points.

However, traditional magnetic therapy has many shortcomings, especially compared with what we can now achieve with pulsed electromagnetic therapy:

1) By using a fixed, unchanging magnetic field, static magnets are uni-dimensional: they have only one frequency, one intensity, one effect. Just because magnetic minerals are found in the Earth, doesn’t mean that they create Earth’s magnetic field. Unlike a PEMF system, static magnets are far from mimicking Earth’s weak but dynamic field, or the dynamic frequency bands in the atmosphere above it. These dynamic fields are what our bodies evolved in.

2) Manufacturers often emphasise the polarity of their magnets, yet there is almost no scientific research backing up these biological effects. Dynamic polarity switching, as used in some PEMF systems, such as the iMRS, can help to avoid the body becoming used to the field and therefore un-responsive.

3) With static magnets, the body soon becomes used to a constant, unchanging field, so the health benefits recede with time. And in order to have an effect deeper than skin level, modern magnetic mattresses typically have to expose the body for long periods to much higher field strengths, often thousands of times higher than is required for the same effect using PEMF. Even weak PEMF fields are able to pass through the entire body, including dense tissues like bone and cartilage.

4) By energizing the membranes of every cell in the body, PEMF fields stimulate many cellular processes, including nutrient absorption, oxygenation and elimination of wastes.

5) This ratio of effect between static magnets and PEMF systems has been seen in studies of both phosphorylation (the process by which enzymes are turned on and off) and nerve cell growth. A German meta-study in 2011 evaluated 17 studies using static magnets and 10 studies using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (all of them randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled). ( Salomonowitz G1, Friedrich M, Güntert BJ, Schmerz. 2011 Apr; 25(2):157-60, 162-5. doi: 10.1007/s00482-010-1005-0). Their conclusion was that “Static magnetic fields are ineffective with respect to pain therapy (while) dynamic magnetic fields show diverse effects (and) this therapy should be researched in depth.”

PEMF, Magnets and EMF's lifemat

PEMF, Magnets and EMF's lifemat

How is PEMF different from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF’s)?

Often known as “electro smog”, most harmful EMF’s are extremely high-frequency fields produced by our communications devices and household appliances. They stress our bodies, interfere with cell communication and metabolism, and drain our energies.

On the other hand, healthy magnetic fields, such as those produced by the best PEMF devices, mimic the natural frequencies of the Earth and its atmosphere. The Life Mat uses frequencies in a range of just 0.5 to 25 Hz, which is totally within the natural biological window of the earth’s field. These fields help to put the body back into a state of balance, energy and wellness.

Is it useless to use PEMF when we have so much EMF pollution around us?

It’s true that we’re exposed to EMF’s all the time, every day, at levels depending on our overall lifestyles. It’s an unseen but easily measurable pollution, increasing every year. It’s recognised as a major health risk by the World Health Organisation and proven by countless mainstream research studies. And there’s little we can do about this outside our own homes.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is one of the only ways of addressing this increasing threat to our health and well being. Bathing the whole body in a PEMF field helps to re-set and energise all our cells, hopefully before we cross the threshold and become so EMF-sensitive that it becomes an uphill battle.

Part of the Life Mat service is to give detailed advice on how to reduce EMF exposure at home. Yet many of our clients report strong improvements even if they’ve made little progress reducing EMF’s (often one person wakes up to the dangers while the rest of the family remains in denial).

Given our current environment, every age group can benefit from daily PEMF sessions: from school children and office workers exposed to strong WiFi all day, to older people trying to reduce age-related health issues.

PEMF, Magnets and EMF's lifemat

PEMF, Magnets and EMF's lifemat

Can people who have become electro-sensitive use PEMF?

As with any health condition, we have to point out that our systems are a means of supporting the restoration of health, rather than a direct cure for the condition. Having said that, with electro-sensitivity, PEMF is directly addressing the main trigger for the condition.

PEMF can definitely help even those who have become EMF-sensitive. However, this is a very individual issue and depends on many factors. It becomes more difficult if you’ve reached a level of extreme sensitivity, a situation that serves as a lesson to us all.

Such people have major problems functioning in modern society: severe headaches occur whenever a mobile phone is used nearby, when they go into a coffee shop with WiFi, when they shop in a supermarket with overhead fluorescent lighting.

In those with Barometric Electro-sensitivity, not only do they react to all the EMF triggers, but the headaches will appear every time there’s a major change in the weather.