PEMF Review from BBC presenter

PEMF Review from BBC presenter lifemat

When Marie Claire magazine commissioned a review of PEMF therapy, it chose documentary film maker and BBC presenter Angela Scanlon. Equipment, training and advice came from PEMF therapist and supplier Paul Lowe of the Life Mat Company.

This PEMF review was based on a Swiss-made system, the iMRS (the same device used by another British TV presenter Noel Edmonds). Angela quickly pinpounted the sheer convenience of this type of PEMF: “Simple. Measured. Quick… Ramp it up for a big meeting, dial it back down for bedtime; you can even change the times to beat jet lag. In a nutshell, you plug yourself in (while lying on a ‘life mat’) and charge yourself up.” Angela also learned that the system’s highest intensities might not be appropriate before going on live TV: “Let’s just say I looked more wired than charged!”

Angela also focused on the potential long-term benefits: “As we age, cells get more stressed, and disease, chronic pain and the rest start to creep in. Research on the biological effects of PEMF therapy suggests it can help with age-related issues, which is great news if you fancy being bulletproof well into your golden years.”

The PEMF review conclusions

Like many in the public eye, especially those with young children, Angela was tired and stressed: “I’ve been running on empty for quite a while — overworked, not enough sleep, the best of intentions to do yoga and give up sugar, but surviving on coffee and Skittles. I’ve found myself sleeping restlessly and waking exhausted.” After several weeks’ regular use of her PEMF mat, Angela wrote that “Since my treatments, I’ve been sleeping like a baby (and I haven’t slept like a baby since I had one). My energy is better and my mood has improved… If you’ve ever experienced fatigue, sleep loss, stress, anxiety, pain or a recurring injury, then PEMF therapy might just be worth a shot.”

The Marie Claire PEMF review was published in the September 2019 issue. Angela Scanlon is a documentary film maker, broadcaster and presenter for the BBC and Ireland’s RTE. She has appeared often on the BBC’s One Show, has her own weekly Radio 2 show, has co-hosted the British Academy of Film and Television Awards and presented a wide range of lifestyle documentaries.

More information on PEMF is available from the Life Mat Company at or on 44 (0) 208 151 8688. They have over 10 years experience with the iMRS and many other PEMF devices.