iMRS for Sleep, the Eight Ways it Can Help You

iMRS for Sleep, the Eight Ways it Can Help You lifemat

In our experience, most people notice great progress when they use the iMRS for sleep improvement.

Recent studies suggest that people in the UK are some of the worst sleepers in the world, and it’s getting worse. A disturbing one in three claim they don’t get enough, with 20 million UK adults feeling exhausted due to sleep loss. And it’s getting worse. Getting enough sleep is vital to our quality of life. Sleep deficiency limits our management of emotions, with links to depression and uncontrolled anger. It limits our problem-solving ability and concentration at work. Falling asleep for a few seconds at a time while driving is very common.

On top of the mental and emotional effects, sleep loss causes many problems for our physical health. There are links with hormonal imbalances, weight gain and obesity, and increased risks for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

For good health and quality of life, getting high-quality sleep is essential. So it’s been gratifying to hear the feedback from our clients: the vast majority report that their iMRS system has significantly improved their sleep quality and quantity. Even those with chronic insomnia have reported improvements. So just how can an iMRS system improve your sleep?

Eight ways you can use the iMRS for sleep quality

1. Reboot your circadian rhythm with the iMRS organ clock function

PEMF therapy can stimulate the area of the brain that controls your body’s natural circadian rhythm, the hypothalamus. An iMRS system  also changes the brainwave frequencies embedded in its PEMF signal according to the different times of day (its “Organ Clock” function). These daily phases are what make up that rhythm. This can help your body to get back in sync with its natural sleep cycle and increase the brain’s slow wave activity which is the necessary restorative period of sleep.

2. Use the iMRS for sleep by reducing muscle tension

During the early stages of sleep, our bodies relax so that they can get to work on growth and repair. However, physical and mental stress can increase cortisol levels  which increases muscle tension, a process you may not even notice. If your body can’t relax while asleep, you will probably wake feeling stiff and aching, tired and tense. There are other factors involved, requiring a wider protocol, but a debilitating variation of this is restless leg syndrome, which prevents many people from getting more than an hour or two’s sleep at a time. An iMRS system can usually help — PEMF therapy is known to help with muscle recovery and calming down the autonomic nervous system.

3. Cold feet at night? PEMF therapy can boost circulation

For those who suffer from poor circulation, quality sleep is often a challenge. Poor circulation can make you feel cold, uncomfortable, cause tingling or numbness, and even cause pain. When these circulatory issues manifest at night, they can easily impact your sleep rhythm. Fortunately, protocols involving PEMF therapy can really help.

4. Use PEMF therapy to reduce joint pain

Sleep disturbance is common among those suffering from painful joints. Studies have shown that PEMF therapy can help to decrease the joint painimproving both sleep and mobility.

5. Use the iMRS for sleep by cutting the number of bathroom trips

Among many people over a certain age, especially men, the need to go to the bathroom several times during the night can be a major sleep disruption. The great news here is that we’ve had various clients report that using an iMRS has cut down this frequency by a half or more. This can have a massive impact on quality of sleep.

6. Reduce hot flashes and sweats

The bane of many perimenopausal and menopausal women, hot flashes and night sweats can be a significant sleep disruptor, as well as a daytime inconvenience. Many of our clients have reported great improvement after they began using an iMRS for sleep improvement every day.

7. Use the iMRS system’s stress relief features


Stress can have a negative impact on almost every area of life including your quality of sleep. When an iMRS system helps to move your central nervous system towards a parasympathetic state, it helps to ensure you have a restful and restorative night. This is especially strengthened if you use the optional iSLRS and iMORE accessories. The iSLRS induces very rapid relaxation and stress relief, which is especially noticeable if you use it just before going to bed. The iMORE helps to condition the central nervous system through a heartrate variability feedback loop, making it less reactive and better able to cope with stressful stimuli as they happen. And PEMF therapy is also shown to increase levels of serotonin, which helps to regulate our moods and is commonly known as the ‘happiness chemical’. Again, less stress and better moods can help to improve sleep.

8. Use the iMRS for sweet dreams instead of nightmares

Beyond the worries that can give all of us a sleepless night, there are people with regular levels of extreme anxiety that cause havoc to the individual and those around them. For example, we’ve had several client families with teenagers affected by developmental disorders. The most seriously affected children used to experience regular night terrors and daytime panic attacks. Imagine their parents’ relief when these disappeared or reduced dramatically after using the iMRS before bed. We’ve also had adults who for years woke up screaming every night (and woke up the rest of the house!) with powerful nightmares. Even these disappeared after they started using the iMRS for sleep!

9. And if all else fails, at least have more energy during your day time

We said eight ways, but here’s one more, and it’s really important, although it’s not a sleep remedy. It’s worth remembering that even if you still experience some level of sleep loss (a small percentage of people have become hard-wired for severe insomnia since childhood), having an iMRS is like having a personal battery charger — it will help to address the resulting daytime fatigue. Most of our clients, even life-time insomniacs, report increased energy levels, especially when they follow our energy protocol advice.

At the Life Mat Company, we’ve seen first-hand, over almost 10 years, what the iMRS can do for your sleep. From this experience, we’ve developed physical and cognitive approaches that leverage the iMRS to deliver better sleep and more energy. Remember: sleep quality is central to your health, productivity and quality of life.