LifeMat iMRS Complete System

There are many PEMF systems on the market, and we’ve tried out several. Our current choice of manufacturer for the Life Mat is Swiss Bionic Solutions, makers of both the ranges that we offer: the iMRS (sometimes known as the iMRS2000 in memory of its predecessor, the MRS2000 Designo) and the Omnium1.


The main reasons for choosing the iMRS were its effectiveness, ease of use, product reliability, level of warranty and support, and range of functions and accessories.

The iMRS Life Mat comes in three versions:


The Wellfit. A stripped-down entry-level version, comprising just the mat, pad and control unit, without the top intensity and without the most powerful applicator, the iMRS Probe. £2520.00


The Complete. A mid-range version; by far our most popular product. Includes the top intensity and the most powerful applicator (a stainless steel probe for localised pain and tissue repair). £3190.00


The Professional. Includes the top intensity and the probe. Sessions from 1 to 60 minutes (vs 8, 16 and 24 minutes on the other systems). Has a database of 250 health issues with the optimal settings for supporting the body with each. Designed mainly for therapists and clinics, but chosen by some home users. £3720.00


Each of these main systems can also be upgraded at the time of ordering, in the form of an iMRS Set. This adds on the iMORE and iSLRS accessories (see below) at a discounted price.


The iMORE is especially worthy of mention in that it represents the i (for intelligent) in the iMRS name: it turns the whole system into an automatic, continuous bio-feedback loop, using the user’s heart rate variability measurement, and the mat’s PEMF field strength, as the two ends of that loop.


All our prices are kept up to date, and include VAT, which is deductible if you are VAT-registered.


The prices shown above apply to systems delivered in the UK, but we ship worldwide, at prices and shipping costs identical to local distributors. If you need prices for other countries or regions, please call or email us.


Please note that we sometimes have special offers which give by far the best prices on selected systems. These will usually be shown on the Special offers page but if you give us a call, we’ll tell you what’s available.

Shipping (Europe)

We pass on bulk shipping discounts, so an iMRS Life Mat system costs only £25 to ship from Germany to UK addresses using DHL. Accessories shipped separately cost £16. To other EU countries, we charge 25 euros, and 16 euros for accessories. For non-EU European countries, the rates are 80 euros and 24 euros.

Shipping (Other Countries)

We ship worldwide and provide global support. If you are located outside Europe, please ask us for the shipping rates for your country. We will ship from the closest point to you and shipping will not cost any more than if you were buying from a local distributor.


All the main iMRS systems come with a three year global guarantee covering full exchange of the control unit and applicators, and free shipping back to the customer. Accessories are covered for six months. An extended warranty on the main system, with the same level of coverage, is also available at £230.00 for an extra four years.

iMRS System Components

Control centre: The heart of the iMRS Life Mat system is a control centre, small and light enough to fit into a small shoulder bag or a large hand bag (it’s a big improvement on the controller of its predecessor, the MRS2000, which was twice the size and a lot heavier). Here you set the intensity and duration of treatment, and plug in the other components. It looks complex but you’ll be using it within minutes and you only need to push two buttons to start most sessions.


Using SD cards, the unit is up-gradeable as improvements appear. It also has three program buttons allowing three different users to pre-program their individual settings for the mat, pillow and (in the case of the Complete system) the probe, so that these can be activated by pressing a single button.

When using the body-length mat, the control centre changes frequencies in line with the time of day. i.e. with the circadian rhythms of the body, the time-of-day organ theory used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the different brain waves dominant at different times of day.

iMRS Mat In Use
iMRS Mat

Body-length mat. The main treatment device in the iMRS is a cushioned mat measuring 173 cm x 59 cm x 3.8 cm. It contains three pairs of copper coils configured so that the weakest field is at the head end and the strongest is at the feet (up to 32 microTesla with the Wellfit system, and 45 microTesla with the Complete and Professional systems).


Again this is a major improvement over the mat supplied with its predecessor, the MRS2000. Not only is it covered with a more durable, and attractive, material, the two joints between the panels make it much easier to fold and store or carry.

When you lie on the mat, it bathes the entire body, and all its internal systems, in a pulsed electro magnetic field, using a complex “sawtooth” signal, and natural earth-based frequencies, especially the Schumann Resonance.


The iMRS mat folds into three and is easily portable in an optional shoulder bag. It is helpful for a wide range of health issues but especially for boosting energy levels and quality of sleep, speeding up metabolism, and improving circulation and oxygenation.

iMRS Pad
iMRS Pad In Use

Applicator pad. This cushioned pad contains two of the same copper coils used in the whole body mat, but with a different, square-wave, signal, and a maximum intensity of 40 microTesla with the Wellfit system, and 65 microTesla with the Complete and Professional. Measuring 48 x 28 x 4 cm, it is used to treat major areas of the body, such as the head, chest and abdomen, usually at much higher intensities than you would use on the mat.

The iMRS pad is particularly useful for treating stress and tension in the shoulders and lower back, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis and myofascial complaints, sore muscles following intense exercise, arthritis in major joints, and for speeding up the repair of bone fractures, cartilage and muscle tears. It is also useful for supporting the work of various organs in the body.

iMRS Probe in Use
iMRS Probe

Applicator probe. Part of the iMRS Complete and Professional systems, this 12 cm x 2 cm stainless steel device can focus intense energy on small areas of pain or dysfunction, such as hands, feet, sinuses and jaw, deep inside a shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, wrist or ankle, and energetically active zones such as acupuncture points and muscle trigger points.


For those dealing with chronic pain or dysfunction, or experiencing frequent injuries, this focused power can be very useful. Beyond pain relief, fractures and cartilage tears, these high intensities are also the strongest way to generate repair in the smallest and softest tissues: some users have reported promising results in areas such as gums and facial wrinkles.

Like the pad, the probe uses a square-wave signal and is typically used at much higher intensities than the mat. While the Complete system’s mat and pad have average outputs of 45 and 65 microTesla (0.45 and 0.65 gauss), the probe can reach 300 microTesla (3 gauss), making it by far the strongest of the three iMRS applicators.

iMRS Accessories

iMRS iMORE Heart Rate Variability

The iMore


Using Heart Rate Variability (HRV), this device turns the iMRS Life Mat into a unique bio-feedback system. 


HRV is considered the gold standard in assessing a person’s stress level, and reactions to it. It is used by several major corporations as a way of reducing stress and reactivity in their employees. The HeartMath system is particularly famous for this.


It is also a way of measuring and improving the functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System, which has major implications for overall health and longevity.


Standard HRV systems measure your heart rate variability as either a simple indicator of overall health, or to give feedback on your body’s response to, for example, meditation or breathing exercises, which are valuable in their own right.


However, what the iMORE accessory can do is to take both HRV measurement and PEMF therapy one step further by creating an automated feedback loop. This means dynamically altering PEMF field strengths, using changes in HRV. When the iMORE system registers any stress, the field is reduced, and as soon as that settles down, the field is raised again (the field at low levels is relaxing, but as it gets stronger, becomes energising).

The result is a tuning-up of your central nervous system during every iMRS with iMORE session. And the Autonomic Nervous System is the part of your nervous system that automatically regulates your heart, digestive system, glands (including hormones) and other involuntary body functions.


It is your body’s first response to physical or psychological stimuli, and it operates in two states: the Sympathetic Nervous System (responsible for the Fight or Flight survival response) and the Parasympathetic System (healing and regeneration).


When the response becomes degraded, the body stays in near-constant Sympathetic states due to constant stress. This is true of vast numbers of people in modern society, and it results in the body being less able to recover from disease and injury.


The good news is that if, over time (this not a quick fix), your HRV function is steadily improved, then your body is moved towards its highest potential in terms of stress resistance, affecting its ability to repair itself and re-establish health and wellness.


The iMORE Heart Rate Variability Sensor uses an optical measuring device which clips onto your finger or ear and connects this measurement to the control unit.


Purchased as an add-on (rather than in a set), the iMORE costs £465.00.

iMRS iSLRS Sound and Light



The iMRS Life Mat’s Sound and Light System is the perfect relaxation complement to both the main system and the iMORE. The iSLRS helps to melt away stress, and improve emotional balance, mental focus and clarity — like a spa for the brain.


Sound and Light systems have been used for decades to produce stress-free, meditative states in which accelerated learning, problem solving and creativity are all significantly increased.


While the mat is bathing your whole body in a rejuvenating field, the iSLRS helps to increase its effects by producing deeper relaxation and helping you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.


The iSLRS plugs into the control unit, and comprises eye pads, headphones and a built-in music player, plus music programmes emphasizing beneficial frequencies in the 2-18 Hz range.


The iSLRS eye pads use LED lights which flicker to induce another form of brainwave entrainment.  They can also be adjusted to show primarily one colour or another, with specific effects on the brain and central nervous system.


The iSLRS use three forms of brainwave “entrainment” and stimulation:


  • Flickering lights help the brain move into the Alpha and Theta waves at which deep learning, intuition, visualisation and idea generation are generally found.


  • Binaural beat tones. Along with the music are separate tones, sometimes audible. Again, this is a decades-old form of brain entrainment used in relaxation, meditation and learning, helping the brain move into Alpha and Theta states. The brain registers a different tone in each ear and focuses (or entrains) to the mid point between the two frequencies.


  • Colour therapy: by pressing a button, you can instantly change the main colour coming from the LED lights, with effects on mood and cognitive performance:


Red gives energy, vitality, determination and courage. However, people showing a great deal of stress, aggression or hyperactivity may not tolerate red well.


Green is refreshing and optimistic, somewhat energising and tolerated by most people without negative side effects.


Blue is calming and harmonious, promoting balance and empathy, and is tolerated by almost everyone.


Choose blue light to induce further relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety at bed time. Choose green or red to get more motivated in the morning.


Purchased as an add-on (rather than in a set), the iSLRS costs £475.00.

iMRS System Specifications

Field intensities: 0.09 to 65 microTesla (0.65 gauss) on the mat and pad. Up to 300 mT (3 gauss) with the probe.


Graduated intensity: the mat is three times stronger at the feet than at the head.


Frequency range: 0.1 to 32 HZ.


Bio-rhythms: 0.5Hz, 3HZ, 7,5HZ, 15Hz.


Waveform: Sawtooth on whole body mat, Square Wave on pad and probe applicators.


Polarity: Switches every two minutes.


Sound and Light frequencies: identical to the mat, synchronised for maximum benefit.

Power voltage: auto-adjusting 100-240V AC.




Control unit: 26 cm x 17 cm x 5 cm.


Full body mat: 173 cm x 59 cm x 3.8 cm.


Pad: 48 cm x 28 cm x 4 cm.


Probe: 12 cm x 2 cm.


System weight: approximately 10 kg.

iMRS Systems Comparison Chart