PEMF for Life

Feeling good


We all experience a constant flow of positive and negative emotions but sometimes feeling down, anxious and stressed can start to dominate. Grief and anger can be very destructive if they go on for too long. Tackling them at the physical level can at least help to limit their effects and make them more manageable. This means balancing neuro-transmitters like serotonin and dopamine, one reason why one type of PEMF has been approved as a clinical treatment for depression. The feel-good effect that most people notice with PEMF has a sound physiological explanation.



Most people notice improved sleep when using PEMF, with major implications. A 2013 documentary, by the BBC and the sleep laboratory at University of Surrey, found that shortened, interrupted sleep has a significant impact on mental agility (brain fog and memory issues), being over-weight and obese, and the expression of genes linked with major lifestyle diseases. Insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep interruptions are common — up to a third of the adult population is thought to suffer from chronic sleep loss. Even the very few who report no sleep improvement generally say that they still appreciate the extra energy they get from PEMF. In addition to the automatic frequencies built into the system (energizing in the morning, sleepy at night), you can also add on our Sound and Light system and choose the blue light option.

Most People Report Better Sleep With PEMF
PEMF Helps To Reduce Stress



We live in a  stressful society, with long working hours, long commutes, information overload, and being constantly “on-call”. Since our bodies evolved for immediate fight or flight responses, adrenaline and other powerful stress hormones, like cortisol, are now activated constantly, and we pay a major price with our health. Mainstream medicine now recognises stress as a major factor in causing disease. Just 8-16 minutes a day of PEMF is one of the best ways of turning off the stress switch and unwinding.



When anxiety, frustration and anger become severe and chronic, muscle tension can start to cause frequent back and neck pain, and headaches. It can also impact general health, relationships and employment. So anything causing deep relaxation can help a person on many levels. That’s particularly true of Sound and Light and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) feedback (both optional accessories with the Life Mat). And it’s why HRV is used by several major corporations to boost their staff’s emotional intelligence and customer responsiveness while under pressure.

PEMF For Muscle Tension
Studying Later In Life Seems To Improve With PEMF



Life-long learning is one of the most powerful ways of keeping the mind fit, flexible and motivated. We’ve had several customers report better mental energy, focus and learning after starting to use a Life Mat. Especially for those over 60, enhanced learning can mean fresh inspiration and well being during retirement, and fresh skills and new opportunities for those still working. There are many physiological, psychological and financial benefits to keeping our minds active.