PEMF for Health

Yoga And PEMF Are A Great Health Maintenance Combination

Health Factors


Our health care systems are stretched to breaking point. Taking personal responsibility for our health has become ever more important, and challenging. PEMF is not a panacea or a cure, and having good health will partly depend on eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise. But if there’s another home technology that can support a healthy lifestyle as well as PEMF, we’ve yet to hear of it.

Pain and Inflammation


A distracted immune system can go astray, turn on itself, and cause both inflammation and a distorted response to nerve signals. One key factor is a type of hormone called prostaglandins, which are involved in both inflammation and pain pathways. Several recent studies have shown that PEMF can help regulate their output. Reduced access to magnetic field energy has also been shown to cause a drop-off in endorphin production and soaring sensitivity to pain. Without being a cure, PEMF shows broad potential for those with chronic pain and inflammation.

PEMF Is One Of The Best Complementary Therapies For Pain
Circulation Is Improved By Magnetic Therapy



PEMF boosts blood flow in several ways. By inhibiting prostaglandins (involved in aggregation of platelets), it has an anticoagulant effect. Its effects on cell membranes produce less clumping and more movement among red blood cells. PEMF also increases the dilation of arteries by boosting output of Nitric Oxide (NO). Discovering NO’s various roles won the Nobel Prize in 1998 and one result was Viagra.

Immune System


PEMF fields have been shown to increase the quantity of cellular messengers called interleukins which play a key role in the development of immune system cells. It appears to particularly boost the number of T-cells, and the activity levels of phagocytes. The result is a more robust immune response in which macrophages are better able to destroy invading pathogens, and your body is better equipped to fight off infections.

Magnetic Therapy Can Boost The Immune System
Magnetic Therapy Can Help To Ease Wear And Tear

Wear and Tear


Our bodies are designed to withstand considerable wear and tear. However, over-exercising, or the other extreme (a sedentary lifestyle and repetitive minor movements) can cause a variety of problems in our joints, ligaments and tendons. Here, PEMF has two advantages: its inhibiting effects on prostaglandins and inflammation, and its stimulating effects on chondrocytes (the main cells in cartilage which buffers the bones inside our joints).



Slow metabolism, over acidity and sleep loss are key factors in weight gain. Among PEMF’s effects are faster metabolism, more alkalinity and better sleep. Its ability to help reduce stress is also important since stress-induced cortisol is involved in weight gain. And fatigue often leads to a cycle of over-eating, weight gain and even more lethargy. Once you have more energy to break the cycle, weight loss should become easier.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Boost Metabolism
If You Want To Conceive Then Magnetic Therapy Is Worth Considering



Conceiving and becoming a parent takes a lot of energy. Pre- or post-natal complications are less likely if all the body’s systems and cells are working well, so PEMF’s oxygenating and energizing effects have obvious potential. Being very cautious, we don’t recommend it during pregnancy, but it is highly recommended before and after (when a woman’s body needs all the help it can get to regain muscle tone, and avoid post natal back pain, hormonal imbalances, and depression).

Bone Strength


Loss of bone density is common as we age, particularly in women over the age of 50. This can cause fractures and severe back pain. PEMF can stimulate production of osteoblast, chondrocyte and Type 1 collagen cells responsible for building mature bone tissue, and their balance with osteoclasts (which prevent the formation of too much bone). Repairing difficult fractures was how PEMF began, and boosting bone strength remains one of its most potent uses.

PEMF Is Probably The Strongest Way Of Improving Bone Strength
PEMF Is The Perfect Tool For Health Maintenance



Mainstream medicine has become ever more sophisticated. Yet we live in a time of healthcare crisis. Disease rates are climbing among young and old, and doctors and hospital systems are struggling to cope. Stress levels, environmental toxins and emf radiation are all rising steeply. So far, we’re living longer, but sicker. PEMF’s effects on circulation, immune cells, inflammation, energy and sleep make it an ideal tool to promote a healthy, vigorous life. “An ounce of prevention… .”



Leading causes of skin damage and wrinkles include stress, sleep loss, acidity, toxic skin products, poor circulation, sluggish lymphatic and elimination systems, too much sun, falling hormone levels, and reduced collagen output. PEMF offers help with many of these problems. This is especially true when combined with our dermal ultrasound device.

The Nutrients In These Blueberries Can Be Better Absorbed Using PEMF



By energizing all the cells in the body, a PEMF mat system makes them more efficient, and this includes their intake of key nutrients. Poor absorption can also be caused by over growth of candida in the gut, which is linked to general over acidity, so PEMF’s alkalising properties also come into play. You can consume the best food and supplements in the world, but if your absorption of nutrients is compromised (which it probably is), you’re wasting at least some of your money.



Human Growth Hormone, or hGH, has a powerful effect on skin quality, muscle growth, sex drive, and flexibility. Some people, especially sportsmen, have expensive hGH injections. PEMF offers a natural alternative by: 1) stimulating deep, healthy sleep (during which hGH output peaks), and 2) increasing production in the liver of growth hormone co-factors, especially IGF-2 which is thought to boost the availability and effects of hGH itself.

Magnetic Therapy Can Boost hGH Levels
Magnetic Fields Can Increase Senior Mobility



Keeping flexible and mobile is a key factor in our longevity, independence and well being. Creaky joints affect most of us by our sixties, and often much earlier, so it’s wise to start early, before major damage has been done. Even if it’s not tackled early, PEMF has helped many people to improve their mobility.