PEMF for Energy

Productivity With PEMF



Personal productivity varies greatly between people and brings in many factors of personality, motivation and organisation. However, physical energy levels are a key factor, and PEMF is one of the best possible ways of ensuring that your body can keep up with your intentions. For many people, this factor alone can easily justify the cost of owning a system. To give yourself a further boost, add on our sound and light system, and choose either the green or red light option for use in the morning or afternoon.



Many people live with some level of daily tiredness, affecting work, relationships and their experience of life. Many factors seem to be involved, including nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, unbalanced blood sugars, and low blood oxygen levels. Using Pulsed Magnetic Fields provides a great short cut: it re-energises every cell using the same natural energies that our bodies evolved with. Most people soon report significantly more energy after using the mat.

Use PEMF If You Want To Look This Vibrant
PEMF Boosts Stamina



Un-medicated stamina seems to be increasingly rare these days. Coffee, Red Buil, guarana, and other stimulants only help for a short time, and used in large quantities can eventually exhaust your adrenal glands. When we don’t have enough sustained energy, we often turn to food or sweets for a quick fix, resulting in weight gain and a self-reinforcing cycle of fatigue-calories-fatigue. Obviously it’s important to have a good diet and get some exercise, but PEMF is a great booster, simply by helping cellular processes to work better.



Many factors can reduce oxygen transportation in our bodies. PEMF changes the electrical potential of cell membranes. Seen under a dark field microscope before and after going on the mat, the red blood cells (which carry oxygen around the body) show less clumping together, and more separation and movement. PEMF also increases levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which expands arteries and increases blood flow, further boosting levels of oxygen in the tissues.

Red Blood Cells Deliver More Oxygen With PEMF
PEMF Can Really Help With Chronic Fatigue



When tiredness becomes chronic fatigue, you find people who struggle with everything; sometimes even getting out of bed is too much effort. Many have seen great improvement with PEMF, but it’s likely to take at least several weeks before changes are seen. These people tend to be highly motivated, but also impatient. Learning techniques to reduce stress and manage short-term expectations seems to deliver the best possible results.