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The Life Mat System

The iMRS PEMF System

There are several PEMF systems on the market, but our current choice for the Life Mat is the iMRS from Mediconsult in Germany (and before that the MRS2000 designo). This selection was based on several criteria, including our subjective experience using their main competitor's product. Aside from how the respective systems feel, special consideration was gtiven to the nature of the iMRS signal and its closeness to natural energy fields, as well as product reliability, level of warranty and support, and its range of functions and accessories. There are solid reasons why Mediconsult is the leader in this market.  


The Basic System

Control centre: The heart of the iMRS Life Mat system is a control centre, small and light enough to fit into a small shoulder bag or a large hand bag. Here you set the intensity and duration of treatment, and plug in the other components. Individual treatment settings can be entered for each of several users.

The iMRS PEMF system control box

 Body-length mat. The main treatment device in the Life Mat system is a cushioned mat measuring 173 cm by 59 cm x 3.8 cm. It contains three pairs of copper coils configured so that the weakest field is at the head end and strongest at the feet. When you lie on the mat, it bathes the body in a pulsed magnetic field, using a complex "sawtooth" signal, and various natural earth-based frequencies, especially the Schumann Resonance. The mat folds into three and is easily portable in an optional carrying bag. It is helpful for a wide range of health issues but especially for speeding up metabolism, improving circulation and oxygenation, and boosting energy levels and quality of sleep.

Life Mat PEMF Whole Body Mat


Applicator pad. This cushioned pad contains two of the same copper coils used in the whole body mat, but with a different, square-wave, signal. It is used to treat major areas of the body, such as the head, chest, abdomen, arms and legs, usually at much higher intensities than you would use on the mat. It is particularly useful for treating stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back, and arthritis in major joints, and for speeding up the repair of bone fractures.


Life Mat PEMF Applicator Pad

This basic system costs 2,261 euros. If you buy it as a promotional package with the iSLRS and iMORE (see below), it costs 2,915.15 euros.


The Standard (most popular) System

This comprises all the above (control centre, mat and pad), plus the applicator probe, and higher intensity settings. 

The iMRS PEMF system applicator probeApplicator probe. This metal device can focus intense energy on small areas of pain, such as hands, feet, sinuses and jaw, areas within a joint, such as the knee or elbow, and energetically active zones such as acupuncture points. Like the pad, this uses a square-wave signal and is typically used at much higher intensities than the mat. On the latest system, the probe's top intensity has been quadrupled from earlier models.

The standard system costs 2,856 euros. If you buy it as a promo package with the iSLRS and iMORE, it costs 3451.00 euros.


The Professional System

Designed for therapists, the Professional System is available at 3,332 euros. This contains all of the features listed above, plus a database of 3,420 pre-selected settings that have been found to be useful with different health issues, and an adjustable timer giving sessions of 1 to 60 minutes duration (with the Basic and Standard Systems, session lengths are 8, 16 or 24 minutes). If you buy it as a promotional package with the iSLRS (Sound and Light) and iMORE (Heart Rate Variability) options outlined below, it costs 3,927 euros.



In addition to the iMRS system, the Life Mat set includes several extras to make your use of it as effective and rewarding as possible, and a level of support which we believe is fairly unique. Call us to find out more.


Shipping Costs

We pass on bulk shipping discounts to our customers, so you'll find your delivery cost is low. An iMRS Life Mat system, usually shipped by DHL, costs only 15 euros within Europe, and for accessories shipped separately, 10 euros. Please ask for quotes to ship to other regions.


Other Countries

These prices apply to shipments inside Europe (except for Switzerland which has its own price list). If you need shipping to another region, please enquire about the prices and shipping for your country.




Heart Rate Variability Sensor (iMORE)

IMore_HRV_sensorHeart Rate Variability (or HRV) is considered the gold standard in assessing stress levels, and is used by several major corporations as a way of reducing stress in their employees. It is also a way of measuring and improving cardiac health, and overall longevity.

With its iMORE accessory, the iMRS Life Mat takes HRV evaluation one step further by creating a feedback loop with its pulsed magnetic field: when it registers any stress, the field is reduced, and as soon as that settles down, the field is raised again (the field itself is energising, but everyone's body responds differently, and at different speeds, so a small increase in energy may mean nothing to one person but can be temporarily stressful for someone whose nervous system is already severely stressed).

The result is a tuning-up of your central nervous system during every Life Mat session. This is how it can help your health. The Autonomic Nervous System is the part of the nervous system that regulates your heart, digestive system and glands (including hormonal systems). It is your body's first response to physical or psychological stimuli. It operates in two states: the Sympathetic Nervous System, responsible for the Fight or Flight survival response, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System, responsible for healing and regeneration. When the autonomic response is degraded, usually due to constant stress, it means the body is less able to recover from disease and injury. This will show up in an impaired HRV score.

The good news is that if, over time, your HRV is steadily improved, then your body's cells and regulatory systems are moved towards their highest potential in terms of strength and vitality. The body is then much better able to repair itself and re-establish health and wellness.

The Life Mat Heart Rate Variability Sensor uses an optical measuring device which clips onto your ear lobe and into the control unit, and costs 357 euros.



 Sound and Light System (iSLRS)

Life Mat Sound and LightSound and Light systems have been used for decades to produce stress-free, meditative states in which accelerated learning, problem solving and creativity are all significantly increased. They combine and synchronise two powerful forms of brainwave "entrainment": 1) flickering lights (which tend to stimulate visualisation of various types, depending on the person), and 2) sound: our system uses the famous binaural beat technology first popularised by the Monroe Institute which can help the two brain hemispheres to synchronise and move into the Alpha and Theta waves at which the deepest levels of learning, intuition and ideation are generally found. The Life Mat S+L system (called an iSLRS) plugs into the Life Mat control unit, and comprises goggles, headphones, and a built-in music player, plus music programmes emphasising beneficial frequencies in the 2-18 Hz range.

The Life Mat Sound and Light System costs 416.50 euros.


Other Accessories

Travel Bag: takes the mat (in its folded form, a third its full length) in one large bag, while a smaller bag takes the control unit, power plug, probe applicator and accessories, and attaches to the front of the main bag. Costs 31 euros.

Travel Mat: a 2 ft. by 1 ft. miniature version of the main Life Mat. The Travel Mat uses the same signal as the full body mat (sawtooth) but is small enough to fit inside small luggage for traveling. It is also useful for using in chairs, couches or the car. Costs 416.50 euros.

Travel Battery Pack: recharcheable lithium ion pack and charger gives 8 hours of use independent of mains electricity. Costs 297.50 euros.

Car adapter: 12V. Costs 31 euros.

Extended Warranty: Covers full exchange warranty on the control unit and applicators, and free shipping back to the customer. Costs 208.25 euros for an extra four years, or 297.50 euros for an extra five years.

SkinDream Titanium Ultrasound Set: For those wanting to maximise the IMRS Life Mat's rejuvenation benefits, this is claimed to be the world's most effective cosmetic ultrasound device for home use. Costs 571.20 euros.


There are several PEMF devices on the market, but the iMRS Life Mat is known for its near-unique combination of:

  • Natural field strengths, and the same frequencies found in Earth's magnetic field and the ionosphere. 
  • Variable frequencies tuned to circadian rhythms configured according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
  • Tailored signals for different uses. The sawtooth signal used for the body mat is appropriate for energising the whole body, while the square wave signal used for the pad and pen probes is appropriate for focusing a more powerful signal onto points of pain. 
  • Heart-rate variability monitoring callibrates the system's field intensity according to the stress levels found in the body minute by minute. 
  • Sound and light can induce beneficial brainwave states with a profound effect on stress reduction and mental clarity. 
  • Three year global guarantee, extendable to eight years.